Ohio University

AGC 5160: Writing for Research and Publication

Brooke Stokes presents to fellow ELIP 5160 classmates.
Brooke Stokes presents to fellow AGC 5160 classmates.

AGC 5160: Writing for Research and Publication is open to graduate students at Ohio University. This course is for both American and international students. Students should register for this course when they are ready to write up their research. The focus is on idea organization and development and citation of sources.

Graduate students in this three-credit coursework on their own research-related work, such as a proposal, thesis, dissertation, or article for publication.

Topics include idea development and organization, using academic style, and writing effectively with sources. Students work together, but follow the specific guidelines and practices of their field.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a research project, such as a research prospectus, thesis or dissertation, or article, with the focus on both the rhetorical framework and language and style germane to these tasks and the purpose of the research project.
  • Develop their self-editing and proofreading skills.
  • Effectively use sources, including accurate citation practices and using sources to build an argument.

Note: A great resource for this course is Thesis and Dissertation Services in the Graduate College.

What Are Students Saying about this Class?

Laura Winn, a Political Science graduate student, says "the AGC courses offered teach many valuable skills to help you with your writing. A high emphasis is placed on how and when to properly cite sources, how to develop a coherent flow, how to write in your own voice and style, and in other areas such as how to write a strong introduction and conclusion for your own research. Not only do these courses help improve your writing skills, they also give you a chance to practice them with personalized instructor guidance."

Brooke Stokes, a graduate student in Environmental Studies, says, "This course has helped me gain confidence in my academic writing ability. It has helped me to set goals and stay on track with my writing despite my heavy course load. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their academic writing and/or would like extra motivation when writing for a project, thesis or dissertation."