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ELIP Presentation Tutors

Information for Prospective Student Tutors

The English Language Improvement Program's Presentation Lab tutors predominantly work with non-native English-speaking and some native English-speaking graduate students one-on-one for 25 minutes at a time in order to help students improve their spoken English intelligibility and presentation skills. Many of the tutees are teaching assistants who are working to pass a test of oral proficiency, others are working to improve fluency or presentation skills.

There are ample opportunities for continued learning and on-the-job training in this position. Tutoring is a wonderful resume builder, especially useful for students who plan on teaching in the future.


  • Must be responsible, dependable, and professional.
  • Must have native or native-like proficiency in speaking English.
  • Must have some background in linguistics, phonology or phonetics, CSD, TEFL, voice and speech for actors, public speaking, or significant experience in a foreign language.
  • Must have an eye and an ear for detail.
  • Must be willing to work independently and as a team.
  • Must communicate well both in speaking and writing, and be responsive to messages.
  • Must be interested in working with international and domestic students.
  • Previous experience with tutoring or teaching is preferred.

Starting Hours

The maximum number of hours that new tutors can work during the first semester is four per week; however, new tutors also are permitted to pick up extra shifts and will be paid for training and orientation. In addition to these weekly hours, tutors also are paid to attend two meetings per semester, tutor-led workshops, and ELIP oral communication class observation, as well as to conduct peer observations.

Course Credit and Volunteering Credit

Although tutoring is a paid position, other options are available to Linguistics students who wish to gain additional teaching experience and course credit, or CSD students needing credit for service learning. In these cases, it also is possible to complete an internship or volunteer; however, recommendations and a resume still are required.


Training and reference resources are available for all tutors, so prior pronunciation and presentation tutoring experience is not necessary, though some experience with tutoring (any topic) and/or working with international students, and/or knowledge of phonology or pronunciation is preferred and must appear on the resume to be considered. Applicants will need an updated resume with the contact information of three references (two of which should be professional). A cover letter is not required, but it is encouraged. Students who have served as an ELIP Speaking Lab volunteer or have taken part in any other service learning projects associated with ELIP Oral Communication classes should be sure to list these on their resume; students are encouraged to list these supervisors among their references.

The application period for the following school year is between March and May, and strict deadlines are enforced. Students who are qualified and interested should contact the coordinator, Dr. Lara Wallace with their questions.