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Sound More Professional

Mohammadhossein Firouznia, here looking in the mirror, contemplates his improved ability to sound professional

Mohammadhossein Firouznia contemplates his improved ability to sound professional.

Engineering Student Discusses How to ‘Speak Academic’

Learning to “speak academic” is a skill that can make or break a person’s career. Graduate student Mohammadhossein Firouznia knew this was a weak spot for him, something he needed to develop in order to succeed in his field of mechanical engineering.

“I had to be prepared for being academic in my presentations,” he explains. In order to do so, he decided to take the class ELIP 5320: Oral Communication for the Researcher and Presenter: The Oral Defense.

To really see his growth as a presenter, Firouznia recorded video footage of his first and last presentations in his mechanical engineering seminar course to compare the difference in his performance, which he said was clearly evident.

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