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About the English Language Improvement Program

English Language Improvement Program facutly and staff group photo

Faculty and staff in the English Language Improvement Program

Providing Academic and Global Communications

The English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) works with graduate and undergraduate students, providing academic and global communication assistance to help them become effective academic and professional communicators.

Graduate students further develop their communication skills in their own fields. They professionalize their writing, focus on their writing strategies, and build their presentation and speaking skills.

Undergraduate students build their global communication skills as they work with teammates from different cultures and majors.

ELIP Mission

As an Academic Literacies for Specific Purposes (ALSP) program, Ohio University’s English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) strives to discover and develop collaborative relationships in order to provide both international and domestic graduate and undergraduate students with customized instruction and services that result in the attainment of concrete academic and professional communication skills and abilities.

ELIP Vision

ELIP will continue to offer on-campus support for international and domestic graduate and undergraduate students while expanding revenue opportunities through innovative certificate programs and international training partnerships. Through all our programs, ELIP will be recognized as a leader in using technology to create engaging, student-centered, and pedagogically sound learning environments. Our program will collaborate with groups across campus to further build the international reputation of Ohio University.

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