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Kathleen Hall

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Graduate Student

Year of Entry

Fall 2013


Experimental Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Curriculum Vitae

Kathleen E. Hall
Ohio University
Department of Psychology
200 Porter Hall
Athens, OH 24701
Phone: 740-593-1707
Email: kh350912@ohio.edu


2013 – Present, Ohio University

Doctoral Student in Industrial Organizational Psychology

2005 – 2008, The George Washington University

The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

B.A. Political Science and Psychology Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude Cumulative GPA: 3.76

Work Experience

2009 - 2013 Senior Legislative Assistant

2008- 2009 Staff Assistant/Special Assistant

Office of Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (2nd Congressional District of Illinois) United States House of Representatives Washington, D.C.

Served as Member’s Appropriations staffer, preparing annual Fiscal Year Requests, Hearings with Federal Agencies, Subcommittee & Full Committee Legislative Markups, House Floor Debate, and Conference Committees:

  • Labor, Health & Human Services, & Education
  • Transportation, Housing &Urban Development
  • Energy & Water
  • Interior and the Environment
  • Agriculture, Rural Development and FDA
  • Commerce, Justice and Science

Advised Member and managed a diverse legislative portfolio with duties including:

  • Drafting legislation, speeches, testimony, press releases, position papers, documents for publication, funding and earmark priorities, and official correspondence.
  • Organizing Member site visits and press briefings to promote legislative accomplishments and Federal grants.
  • Staffing guest appearances, keynote addresses, town halls and special events with the Member.
  • Meeting with constituent and stakeholders to develop policy positions on issues affecting the 2nd District.

Served as Principal Staffer to the Member as Vice-Chairman of the Congressional Kidney Caucus and Co-Chair of the Crohn's & Colitis Caucus.
Coordinated education, advocacy, and outreach with Members, stakeholders & the public. Managed constituent outreach and official communications:

  • Drafted and edited bi-monthly constituent newsletter.
  • Assisted with robo-calls, mailings, telephone town halls, and other mass communications.

Applied Experience & Grants

2016-2018, Intergenerational Work Differences, SHRM Foundation Developed and implemented a Society for Human Resource Management Foundation grant for studying intergenerational differences in the baby boomers, generation X, and millennial generation (generation Y), through cross-temporal meta-analysis, supervised by Dr. Rodger W. Griffeth. Anticipated stipend award of $20,000 for Spring, 2017-Fall, 2018.

Fall 2016, Climate and Mentorship Survey, Ohio University Dept. of Psychology, Served on an ad hoc committee of two students and two faculty tasked with developing an in-house measure of department climate and student experience of mentorship, supervised by Dr. Ryan C. Johnson and Dr. Julie A. Suhr.

Fall 2015, Training and Development, Ohio University, Dept. of Psychology Developed and helped implement a National Science Foundation grant supported Conference and Workshop focused on Computational and Agent Based Modeling, supervised by Dr. Jeffrey B. Vancouver.

Spring 2015, Performance Management, Ohio University, Dept. of Psychology Developed a performance appraisal and management system for the department faculty, producing a technical report with recommendations related to undergraduate and graduate mentorship, 360-degree feedback, goal setting, and faculty measures, supervised by Dr. Rodger W. Griffeth.

Spring 2014, Selection/Hiring, Ohio University, Dept. of Psychology Performed a job analysis and developed a structured interview to be used by the Institutional Review Board to assist in the hiring of the Director of Research Compliance, supervised by Dr. Jeffrey B. Vancouver.


Purl, J., Hall, K.E., & Griffeth, R.W. (2016). A diagnostic methodology for discovering the reasons for employee turnover using shocks and events. In G. Saridakis & C. Cooper (Eds.), Handbook of Employee Turnover. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Hall, K.E., & Johnson, R.C. (in press). Employee Wellness Programs. In S. G. Rogelberg (Ed.) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2nd edition. SAGE Publishing.

Conference Publications

Hall, K.E., Purl, J., Griffeth, R. W., & Colton, C. E. (2016, April). Employee Shocks and Events in Turnover: A Diagnostic Approach. Symposium Session: Turnover Research and Practice: Advancements in Methods, Measurement, and Analysis, Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA.

Hall, K.E., Halper, L.R., & Vancouver, J.B. (2016, May). Self-regulated learning: Evidence of insufficient and unnecessary resource allocation. Poster session presented at the 28th annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention, Chicago, IL.

Halper, L.R., Hall, K.E., & Vancouver, J.B. (2016, May). Learning self-efficacy is positively and negatively related to effort allocated to learning. Poster session presented at the 28th annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention, Chicago, IL.

Purl, J. D., Halper, L., Hall, K. E., Tenbrink, A. N, Griffeth, R. W. (2014, August). Effects of Gender Harassment on Organizational Trust, Workgroup Effectiveness and Cohesion. Paper Session August, 2014, Academy of Management Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Purl, J. D, Nicholson, K., Tenbrink, A. N., Griffeth, R. W., Hall, K. E., Paik, L. S., Li, X., Halper, L. (2014, May). Exploring the Proximal Withdrawal States with Moderated Regression. Poster presented May, 2014, Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Li, X., Paik, L. S., Halper, L., Griffeth, R. W., Purl, J. D. & Hall, K. E. (2014, May). An Exploratory Integration: Unfolding and Traditional Turnover Models. Poster presented May, 2014, Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.



Ohio University, Department of Psychology

  • Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (Spring, 2016)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Fall, 2016)
  • Research Methods (Spring, 2017)

Facilitator for Online Course

  • Elementary Statistics (Fall, 2015)

Teaching Assistant

Ohio University Undergraduate Courses

  • General Psychology (Fall, 2013)
  • Elementary Statistics (Fall, 2014)
  • Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (Spring & Fall 2014; Spring, 2015)
  • Research Methods (Spring, 2015)
  • Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Fall, 2015)

Academic Honors, Awards, Service & Professional Membership

Graduate Student Senate, Department Representative, May, 2015 - present

Graduate Admissions Committee, I/O, May, 2015 - present

Phi Beta Kappa, Member, May, 2008 – present

Psi Chi: Psychology Honor Society, Member, April, 2007 – May, 2008

Pi Sigma Alpha: Political Science Honors Fraternity, Member, April, 2007 – May, 2008

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Member April, 2006 - present

Phi Eta Sigma: The National Freshman Honor Society, August, 2004 - May, 2005

George Washington University Dean’s List, Fall, 2005 - Spring, 2008

The George Washington Presidential Scholarship, Recipient, June, 2006 - May, 2008

Statistical Analysis Software

SPSS, MPlus, AMOS, GPower, LISREL, Latent Gold, Microsoft Excel


Statistics and Methods

Basic Inferential Statistics


Linear Regression

Research Methods

Structural Equation Modeling

Survival Analysis

Logistic, Ordinal, and Poisson Regression

Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Content Courses

I/O Survey

Training & Development

Performance Management

Occupational Health

Retention and Turnover

Personnel Selection

I/O Practicum

Other Courses


Experimental Social

Teaching Seminar

Teaching Practicum

Professional References

Dr. Rodger Griffeth
Graduate Mentor
Byham Chair I/O Psychology
200 Porter Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

Charles Dujon
Former Legislative Director
Director of Government Affairs
World Food Program, U.S.A.
1721 I Street, N.W., Suite 510
Washington, D.C. 20006

Lodriguez Murray
Senior Vice President
Health and Medicine Counsel
507 Capitol Court, N.E.
Suite 200
Washington, D.C.