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Kristin M. Distel

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Ph.D. Candidate
Ellis 369

Scholarly Focus

Literature (18th and 20th centuries)

Critical Publications

“‘Are you sure she was your sister?’: Sororal Love and Maternal Failure in Toni Morrison’s Paradise. Article will appear in Toni Morrison and Mothering/Motherhood. Forthcoming 2016, Demeter Press.

“‘Crown’d’ and ‘Endured’: The Language of Tyranny and an Ethic of Peace in Macbeth and The Sound and the Fury: Appendix.” Article will appear in Shakespeare: New Critical Perspectives. Forthcoming 2016.

“Beneath an Undivided Sky”: Environmental Disorder and Human Passivity in Theodore Roethke’s “Interlude.” Article will appear in A Field Guide to the Poetry of Theodore Roethke. Forthcoming 2015.

“Restoring Broken Bodies: The Ekphrastic Poetry of Larry Levis and Natasha Trethewey.” Article will appear in Ekphrasis in American Poetry: The Colonial Period to the 21st Century. Forthcoming 2015, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

“‘Teach the Paints to Speak’: Mythology and the Muse in the Ekphrastic Poems of Mather Byles and Phillis Wheatley.” Article will appear in Ekphrasis in American Poetry: The Colonial Period to the 21st Century. Forthcoming 2015, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

“The Red Death and Romeo: Poe’s ‘Magnificent Revels’ as a Re-vision of the Capulet Masquerade.” Article will appear in Perspectives on Edgar Allan Poe: Collected Essays. Forthcoming 2015, McFarland.

“‘The Meaning of Charity’: Misconduct and Altruism in Arrested Development.” Article appears in A State of Arrested Development: Critical Essays on the Innovative Television Comedy. Jefferson: McFarland, 2015. (ISBN-10: 0786479914)

“Gendered Travel and Quiescence in Toni Morrison’s Paradise.” Article appears in Women’s Utopian and Dystopian Fiction 2013, Cambridge: Cambridge UP (ISBN-10: 1443848948)

Conference Presentations

“Rethinking the Public Reception of Midwestern Literature and Midwestern Journals.” Modern Language Association/Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature; January 2016. “‘English language colored Black' and 'an inadvertent prophet’: Reviews and Early Critical Reception of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Song of Solomon, and the Role of the Midwest”

“Modernities in the Americas, 1910-1970” Second Biennial Symposium of the Institut des Amériques, University of Burgundy; November 2015. Title of Paper: “The laughter that shattered”: Modernist Laughter and Social Detachment in Jean Rhys’s Voyage in the Dark

"'She Flew to Me for Protection': Networks, Agency, and Community in Eighteenth-Century Women's Writing"

East Central/American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies; November 2015. “Appropriating Sacred Space: Convents and Gendered Communities in Behn and Haywood”

“Violent Bodies” Graduate Student Conferences The Ohio State University, English Graduate Organization; October 2015. “‘Sharp, strong, and white as sea-foam’: Teeth and Gendered Violence in Moore’s Spleen and Morrison’s Beloved

Cross-Genre Creative Writing Craft Seminar. Ashland University Master of Fine Arts Residency; July 2015. “The Pandemic of Memory: Research, Perspective, and Collective History”

The Cultural Heritage of the Midwest: A Symposium. Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature; June 2015. “I believe in the paint”: Commodification of Belief in The Rise of Silas Lapham

Lovers, Madmen and Poets: Shakespeare and the Imaginary, Supernatural, and Divine. Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference, The Ohio State University; October 2014. “By the pricking of my thumbs”: Corporeal Omens in Shakespeare’s Tragedies”

“Many straunge and horrible events” – Omens and Prophecies in Histories and Tragedies by Shakespeare and His Contemporaries. Société Française Shakespeare, The Sorbonne; April 2014. “By the pricking of my thumbs”: Corporeal Omens in Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Retirement, Reappraisal, and Renewal in the Eighteenth Century. East Central Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies; November 2013. “The Mazarin Divorce: Philosophic and Literary Afflatus”

Ekphrasis in American Poetry. Midwest Modern Language Association; November 2013. Restoring Broken Bodies: The Ekphrastic Poetry of Larry Levis and Natasha Trethewey

English Eighteenth-Century Literature. Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association; October 2012. “Mary Astell’s Empirical Feminism: A Marriage of Conservatism and Autonomy”

Robert Frost: Sentimentality and Being Versed in Country Things. American Literature Association; May 2012. “Truncated Speech and Surrogate Speakers: Frost’s Evasive Sentiment”

Reconsidering Macbeth. Shakespeare in Performance, The University of Maine at Farmington; May 2012. “Text as Performance: Faulkner’s Retelling of Macbeth”

Forty-Seventh Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo. Western Michigan University; May 2012. “Fear This Judgment Greatly”: Holy Fear as Incentive for Enclosure

Festivals and Faires: Sociology in Literature Conference. Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association; April 2012. “Festivals and Faires as Harbingers of Tragedy in Poe, Banks, and Eliot”

Children and Childhood in the Humanities Conference. Virginia Humanities Conference, Roanoke College; March 2012. “A Prisoner of Gateshead: Perpetual Childhood in Jane Eyre”

Panoramas and Prospects Conference. South Central Society for Eighteenth Century Studies; February 2012. Mary Astell’s Empirical Feminism: A Marriage of Conservatism and Autonomy

Gender and Medieval Studies Conference. The University of Manchester, U.K.; January 2012. “Holy Fear as Incentive for Enclosure”

Travel and Truth Conference. The University of Oxford, U.K.; September 2011. “Gendered Travel and Quiescence in Toni Morrison’s Paradise”

Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference. Owens Community College; October 2010. “A Scholarly Conversation Concerning the Composition of the Shakespearean Corpus”

Creative Publications


"The Price of Skin and Blood," “Unmarked Grave,” and “First Lessons.” Lehigh Valley Vanguard, July 2015

"Heritage", "Salt", "Candle", "Evensong", "Lost in the Graveyard" and "Siate Immortale." The Stockholm Review of Literature. Issue #8, Spring 2015

“Still.” The Broken Plate. Issue: Spring 2015

“Interminable Day—Clyde, Ohio.” Flyover Country Review. Issue: July 2014

Ai, Ai” and “Book of Fire.” The Minetta Review. Issue: Spring 2014

“Vestal,” “Scala Sancta,” “Following the Arno,” and “Take Me In.” Coldnoon: Travel Poetics. Issue: Autumn 2013

“The sound of Stone.” DIN Magazine. Issue 4, 2013