Ohio University

Jill P. Ingram

Jill P. Ingram Profile Picture
Associate Professor
Ellis 303


Ph.D., English, University of Virginia, 2004

M.A., University of California, Davis (Creative Writing), 1998

B.A., Journalism, University of Wisconsin, 1988

Scholarly Focus

  • Shakespeare
  • Renaissance Literature



Idioms of Self-Interest: Credit, Identity and Property in English Renaissance Literature (Routledge, 2006)

William Shakespeare: Love’s Labour’s Lost. The New Kittredge Shakespeare. Ser. ed. James H. Lake (Focus Publishing, August, 2011).


“’You ha’done me a charitable office’: Autolycus and the Economics of Festivity in The Winter’s Tale,” Renascence 64:2 (Fall 2012)

“Avant-garde Conformists and Student Revels at Oxford, 1607-08,” Anglican and Episcopal History 80.4 (December 2011)

“Laughing at the Last Will: Jyl of Braintford’s Testament,” English Language Notes 48.1 (Spring/Summer 2010)

“Gascoigne’s Supposes: Englishing Italian ‘error’ and adversarial reading practices,” in Michele Marrapodi (ed.), Italian Culture in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (Ashgate, 2007).

“A Case for Credit: Isabella Whitney’s ‘Wyll and Testament’ and the Mock Testament Tradition,” Early Modern Culture, Fall 2005

“Economies of Obligation in Eastward Ho,” The Ben Jonson Journal, Vol. 11 (Fall 2004)

“The ‘noble lie’: Casuistry and Machiavellian Self-Interest in The Duchess of Malfi,” Explorations in Renaissance Culture, Vol. 31.1 (Summer 2005)

Courses Taught

  • ENG 1600 Shakespeare Through Film
  • ENG 3010 Shakespeare: Tragedies and Comedies
  • ENG 3250 Women and Literature: Women's Humor
  • ENG 532/713 (Grad) Renaissance Drama
  • ENG 312 English Literature 1500-1600
  • ENG 303 Shakespeare's Tragedies
  • ENG 301 Shakespeare's Histories
  • ENG 251 English Literature Before 1688
  • ENG 203 Critical Approaches to Drama