Ohio University

Irina Livitz

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Graduate Student On Internship

Year of Entry

Fall 2012


Clinical Psychology


Dr. Christopher France


M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Ohio University

B.A. in Psychology, Stony Brook University

B.S. in Business Management, Binghamton University


France, C. R., France, J. L., Carlson, B. W., Kessler, D. A., Rebosa, M., Shaz, B. H., Madden, K., Carey, P.M., Fox, K.R., Livitz, I.E. Ankawi, B., & Slepian, M. (2016). A brief motivational interview with action and coping planning components enhances motivational autonomy among volunteer blood donors. Transfusion.

Schneider, H.D., Livitz, I. E., & Schneider, D. (2013). Sustainable Learning for Sustainability. International Journal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change. 10(2): 124-147.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Fox, K.R., Livitz, I.E., & France, C.R. (2016). The effect of brief interventions on blood donor identity. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 50, S312, D099.

Livitz, I.E., Fox, K.R., & France, C.R. (2016). The effect of a brief in-person interview on donation intention and blood donor identity among non-donors. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 50, S312, D098.

Shen, B. J., Nakazawa, M., Livitz, I. E., Fox, K. (2013). Reciprocal influences between psychological distress and physical health functioning in heart failure patients. Paper presented at: Society of Behavioral Medicine 34th Annual Meeting; 2013 Mar 19-23; San Francisco, CA.

Litcher-Kelly, L. & Livitz, I. E. (2011). A surprising relationship between depressive symptoms and gastrointestinal symptoms for patients with IBD and IBS after exposure to a laboratory stressor. Poster presented at: The 2011 Stony Brook University Medical Center, Women in Medicine Research Day.