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RWSA Dissertations and Theses about Rural Women


Jilozian, Ani, Listening to women's voices: Perceptions & experiences with contraception & abortion in rural Armenia, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, MPH, Public Health, supervisors Anandaraja, Natasha A., Hennig, Nils

Perry, Allyson, Country Schoolgirls: A Study of Rural Women and the Rise of Public Education, 1820-1914, West Virginia University, M.A., Education, supervisor Fones-Wolf, Kenneth


Bailey, Gail, Rural women's experiences of leaving domestic abuse, University of Lethbridge (Canada), M.Ed, Education,

Burmeister, Heather Jo, Rural Revolution: Documenting the Lesbian Land Communities of Southern Oregon, Portland State University, M.A., History, supervisor Barber, Katrine

Butler, Sheila W., The impact of breast cancer screening with African American women living in rural communities, Capella University, Ph.D., School of Public Service, supervisor Hawkins, Stephanie

Cavas, Jessica Brown, Voices against violence: Empowering women to access informal justice in rural india, University of Oregon, M.A., Department of International, supervisor Weiss, Anita M.

Hall, Amanda Katherine, Talking back: Rural Ohio women's reflections on violent intimate relationships, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Ph.D., Sociology, supervisor Chesney-Lind, Meda

Hill, Jennifer Janna, Midwives in Montana: Historically informed political activism, Montana State University, Ph.D., History, supervisor Murphy, Mary

Kleinschmidt, Rachel Erin, "What to Do With Our Girls": Prescriptive literature and the girl problem in the rural Midwest, 1865-1900, Iowa State University, Ph.D., History, supervisor Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela

Lesane, Everick S., African American women coping with the lived experiences of limited mental healthcare access in rural North Carolina, Capella University, Ph.D., Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, supervisor Page, Thomas L.

Lynn, Jessica Louise, Country women: Back-to-the-land feminism and radical feminist praxis in the women's liberation movement, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, M.A., History, supervisor Lieberman, Robbie

O'Brien, Tara, Mobile Health Technology Interventions to Improve the Health Status of Older Rural Women, Medical University of South Carolina, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Jenkins, Carolyn

O'Bryan, Katherine Merzbacher, Gender, politics, and power: The development of the ladies rest room and lounge in rural America, 1900-1945, Middle Tennessee State University, Ph.D., History, supervisor West, Carroll Van

Pitcock, Naomi, Evaluation of an Initiative to Increase Rates of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Rural Hispanic Immigrant Women, University of Virginia, DNP, Nursing, supervisor Kulbok, Pamela

Royal Mulvihill, Catherine Michelle, African American women's perceptions, experiences, and meaning associated with breast cancer screening in rural eastern North Carolina, East Carolina University, M.A., Health Education, supervisor Knight, Sharon M.

Seeley, Corinna R., Rural women's health and early detection: The influence of community health workers on health behaviors over time, University of Wyoming, M.S., Family and Consumer Sciences, supervisor Morgan, Kari M.

Sullivan, Gwen E., "Whatever the day shall bring": Lives of women in a north Idaho timber community revealed through history and stories, Washington State University, Ph.D., English, supervisor Lee, Debbie

Surdam, Maia A., Families on Farms: Migrants, Farmers, and the Transformation of Wisconsin's Countryside, 1920s--60s, The University of Wisconsin - Madison, Ph.D., History, supervisor Enstad, Nan, Guerin-

Thompson, Sierra Elliott, Ameliorable factors in the case of depression in rural women with breast cancer, Palo Alto University, PsyD, Psychology, supervisor Koopman, Cheryl

Whalen, Heather, Experiences of rural Newfoundland women: Partners working out West, University of Northern British Columbia (Canada), MSW, Social Work,


Cooper, Margaret, The social construction of rural lesbian identities, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Ph.D., Sociology, supervisor Benford, Robert D.

Correll, Jennifer Aileen, Weight Concerns, Body Image, and Smoking Cessation in Pregnant Women in Rural Appalachia, East Tennessee State University, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Dalton, William T.

Derifield, Coreen Marie, Earning her daily bread: Women in industrial manufacturing in the rural Midwest, 1950--1980, Purdue University, Ph.D., History, supervisor Gabin, Nancy

Egge, Sara Anne, "When we get to voting": Rural women, community, gender, and woman suffrage in the Midwest, Iowa State University, Ph.D., History, supervisor Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela

Eisenhauer, Christine Marie, "Now there's a good woman": How rural life course events shape the response to cognitive decline in older women, University of Missouri - Kansas City, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Hunter, Jennifer

Hetzel, Lisa C., How multiple roles influence adult college women's online student experiences in a rural community college context, Iowa State University, Ph.D., Educational Leadership and Policy, supervisor Ebbers, Larry

Loesche, Molly Paige., "The Hearthstone...of all True Nationality": Rural Women and Irish Cultural Nationalism, University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.A., History, supervisor Wood, Sharon

Nabours, Ali, 'The Man' in the kitchen: Government attempts to change foodways in the rural 1930s South, University of South Carolina, M.A., History, supervisor Glickman, Lawrence B.

Romero de Slowing, Flor de Maria, "Le tengo fe" How do women's networks influence the health competence of Latina immigrant mothers living in a rural Midwestern state? Iowa State University, M.S., Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, supervisors Flora,Cornelia, Greder, Kimberly

Sage, Rayna Amber, Where the only work is women's work: Changing rural opportunities, Washington State University, Ph.D., Sociology, supervisor Sherman, Jennifer

Scheible, Megan E., The relationship between social support, poverty, and depression in rural Mexican women, Adler School of Professional Psychology, PsyD, Clinical Psychology, supervisor Dyson, Vida

Smith, Teresa L., Quarker, Exploring the perceptions of intimate partner violence among African-American women in rural communities, Capella University, PsyD, Harold Abel School of Social and, supervisor McKenna, Lisa


Austin, Lucinda L., "But I'm just a little voice": Exploring factors that affect rural women's meaning making of empowerment and health, University of Maryland, Ph.D., Communication, supervisor Aldoory, Linda

Boucher, Annie, Rural women with postpartum depression: Their views on services and interventions, Laurentian University, M.Sc, Nursing,

Copeland, Thomas Wayne, Good neighbors: Agents of change in the new rural South, 1900 to 1940, The University of Mississippi, Ph.D., History, supervisor Payne, Elizabeth

Dermineur, Elise, Women in rural society: Peasants, patriarchy and the local economy in Northeast France, 1650--1789, Purdue University, Ph.D., History, supervisor Farr, James R.

Geshnizjani, Alireza, Identifying the determinants of getting a mammogram in rural women: A mixed methods, reason action approach, Indiana University, Ph.D., School of Health, Physical, supervisor Middlestadt, Susan E.

Ghanbarpour, Christina., Changing Traditions: Rural Women's Roles in the Creation of Modern Japan, 1868-1960, 2011, University of California, Irvine, Ph.D., History, supervisor Walthall, Anne

Hanton, Katherine, The politics of place: Violence against women in rural eastern Ontario, Carleton University (Canada), MSW, Social Work, supervisor Lundy, C.

Lawford, Karen, First Nations Women's Evacuation during Pregnancy from Rural and Remote Reserves, 2011, University of Ottawa (Canada), M.A., History, supervisor Giles, Audrey R.

McKinney, Amy L., "How I Cook, Keep House, Help Farm, Too": Rural Women in Post-World War II Montana, University of Calgary, Ph.D., History, supervisor Elizabeth Jameson

Morris, Sara Elizabeth, Working to save the farm: Indiana and Mississippi rural women, 1940--1990, Purdue University, Ph.D., History, supervisor Hurt, R. Douglas

Nuno, Thomas, Breast and cervical cancer screening patterns among rural Hispanic and American Indian women in Arizona, The University of Arizona, Ph.D., Epidemiology, supervisor Harris, Robin

Sanders, Crystal Renee, To Be Free of Fear: Black Women's Fight For Freedom Through the Child Development Group of Mississippi, Northwestern University, Ph.D., History, supervisor MacLean, Nancy K.

van der Poel, Sonja, Facilitating the RWM rural women in trade of craftwork to improve their standard of living, Webster University, M.A., supervisor Suransky, Leonard

Varcoe, Annette L., "To move the country": Women and benevolence in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, 1820--1890, State University of New York at Binghamton, Ph.D., History, supervisor Dublin, Thomas

Williams, Doretha K., Kansas Grows the Best Wheat and the Best Race Women: Black Women's Club Movement in Kansas 1900--30, University of Kansas, Ph.D., American Studies, supervisors Katzman, David M., Jelks, Randal M.


Ahalt, Cyrus, The effects of community radio on women's empowerment in post-conflict rural Liberia, Georgetown University, M.A., Communicati on, supervisor Dillon, Andrew

Bivar, Venus, The ground beneath their feet: Agricultural industrialization and the remapping of rural France, 1945--1976, The University of Chicago, Ph.D., History, supervisor Auslander, Leora

Burdette, Linda, Relationship between self-care agency, self-care practices and obesity among rural mid-life women, South Dakota State University, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Hegge, Margaret

Chatelain, Amy L., Compromises in the lives of working women in rural Nebraska communities, The University of Nebraska - Lincoln,
Ph.D., Psychology, supervisor Horn, Christy

Daniel, Candice M., Contextual factors of methamphetamine use among rural women, University of Wyoming, Ph.D., Psychology, supervisor Bowen, Anne

Johnson, Dana Allen, "A cage of ovulating females": Mary Breckinridge and the politics of contraception in rural Appalachia, Marshall University, M.A., Nursing, supervisor Barksdale, Kevin

Knecht, Andra Mari, Education in the New South: Efficiency, philanthropy, and women in the creation of Tallulah Falls School in southern Appalachia, 1880--1909, Mississippi State University, Ph.D., Education, supervisor Marcus, Alan I.

Lenkerd, Allison, The meaning and cultural context of physical activity as perceived by physically active, rural African American women, East Carolina University, M.A., Health Education, supervisor Burke, Sloane C.

McCann, Brandy Renee, Intimacy and Family Among Single, Working-Class Women: A Focus on Rural Appalachia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Ph.D., Psychology, supervisor Allen, Katherine R.

McDermott, Laura L., The relationship among barriers and facilitators to prenatal care access and birth outcomes in a rural county, State University of New York at Binghamton, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Spencer, Gale A.

Sackett, Virginia L., Resilience and leadership associated with rural women in Malawi, Seattle University, Ed.D., Education, supervisors Gardiner, John Jacob Zucker

Sero-Lynn, Rebecca, The impact of formal & informal supports on a mother's well-being: Examining the lives of low-income, rural women over time, Purdue University, Ph.D., Child Development and Family, supervisors MacDermid Wadsworth, Shelley M.

Sharp, Danielle, Stitching together a past to create a future: Women, quilting groups and community in rural, southern New Brunswick, Saint Mary's University (Canada), M.A., History,

Smucker, Janneken Lysbeth, From rags to riches: Amish quilts and the crafting of value, University of Delaware, Ph.D., History, supervisor Strasser, Susan


Angiola, Julie E., HPV vaccine acceptance among rural, Rocky Mountain region women, University of Wyoming, M.S., Psychology, supervisor Bowen, Anne

Austin, Elizabeth Nicole., Older rural women moving up and moving on in cardiac rehabilitation, State University of New York at Binghamton, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Morgan, Lindsay L

Bhandari, Shreya, Coping among pregnant, rural, low-income women facing intimate partner violence, University of Missouri - Columbia, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Anderson, Kim

Comeaux, Lana Laureen, Stories of women superintendents in small, rural schools: A narrative nonfiction study, Stephen F. Austin State University, Ed.D., Education, supervisors Sampson, Pauline M., Jenlink, Patrick M.

Crowley, Kimberly T, What's so simple about it? Rural and urban women on television: Watching the culture wrestle with feminism, 2009, The University of North Dakota, Ph.D., History, supervisor Donehower- Weinstein, Kimberly

Culligan, Jean S., Not carrying the burden: Lifestyle management of obese rural women, University of Calgary, MN, Nursing,

Dulfon, Melanee, Predictors of HPV knowledge and awareness in rural America, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MPH, Nursing, supervisor Stetzenbach, Linda

Evans, Laura K. Briant, Southern rural black women's explanatory models of heart disease, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor McSweeney, Jean C.

Farmer, Benjamin K., A pilot study examining the use of technologically assisted psychotherapeutic intervention in the delivery of therapy to women with anxiety residing in rural Utah communities, Utah State University, M.S., Family, Consumer and Human, supervisor Openshaw, D. Kim

Ford, Elyssa, Women, Race, and Cultural Identity in the American Rodeo, Arizona State, Ph.D., History, supervisor Whitaker, Matthew

Goodwin, Imani Carolyn, The relationship between perceived wellness and stages of change for exercise among rural African American women, Georgia State University, Ph.D., Nursing, supervisor Baldwin, Dee M.

Linton, Denise, Pap smear intention among rural southeast Louisiana women, Louisiana State University, DNS, Nursing, supervisor Porche, Demetrius

Maxwell, Kelena Reid, Birth behind the veil: African American midwives and mothers in the rural South, 1921-1962, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, Ph.D., History, White, Deborah Gray

McKain, Stacy Lynn, The answer to the farm family's problems? Modernization, Extension, and northeast Nebraska agriculture, 1910--1940, 2009, University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.A., History, supervisor Wood, Sharon

McNab, Tracy, Picnics, potlucks and cookbooks: Farm women's clubs and the livelihood of community in twentieth century Southern Alberta, University of Lethbridge (Canada), M.A., History,

Paige, Amanda L., Susette La Flesche: Indian rights and rural protest in 19 th century America, University of Arkansas at Little Rock,
M.A., History, supervisor Williams, C. F.

Rondeau, Krista L., Farm women's conceptualisation of food safety in three Canadian provinces, University of Alberta (Canada),,
M.Sc, Health Services,

Sheppard, Jessie, "It's good once you get there": Young rural women's experiences with accessing specialized health care, Dalhousie University, M.A., Nursing

Stinson, Jennifer Kirsten, Race, family, and region in the nineteenth-century upper Midwest: A history of African, Indian, and European communities in the heartland, Indiana University, Ph.D., History, supervisor Gamber, Wendy

Taylor, Janice L., The teaching experiences of African American women before, during, and after desegregation in the rural South: A narrative inquiry through the lens of resilience and Black feminist theory, Sam Houston State University, Ed.D., Education, supervisors Fisher, Alice, Irby, Beverly J.

Walsh, Deatra, Young women on the move: Gender, migration patterns and the construction of rural space in Newfoundland, Canada, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Ph.D., History,

Wingler, Sylvia Adams, Freedom, imagination and grace: The life stories of rural women art educators from the Foothills of North Carolina, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Ph.D., Education, supervisor Casey, Kathleen