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M.S.S. Browser & Computer Technology

All coursework for the Master of Social Sciences is entirely online. No campus visits are required.

Blackboard, Computers & Online Coursework

Ohio University uses an easy-to-use learning management system called Blackboard. As long as students feel comfortable navigating the Internet, using e-mail, and working in Microsoft Office, they should feel at ease participating in this program.

Through discussion forums, email, and on online chats, students engage in exciting collaborative learning. Students may contact faculty members via email to get answers to questions.

Students do not have to log in at a specific time. They can complete work at any time as long as assignments are completed by the stated deadlines.

Browser Compatibility: Students need a computer with a browser that conforms to standards that work with Blackboard and a high-speed Internet connection. Most desktop computer systems, laptops and netbooks purchased within the last three to four years will work with Blackboard. For more information about browser compatibility visit:

Help Desk: Ohio University's Office of Information Technology also provides Help Desk support to students for troubleshooting all technical issues.

Software at Tech Depot: Ohio University provides free virus protection software for student computers. Also available to students at a reasonable price are Windows and Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office. Visit Bobcat Depot for more information or call 740-597-DEPO or email