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M.S.S. Courses & Projected Schedule

All coursework for the Master of Social Sciences is entirely online. No campus visits are required. Students have six years, from the time they begin the program, to complete it.

Graduates of the program are welcomed and encouraged to participate in commencement ceremonies, which are held in December and May of each year.

The projected course schedule below helps students to plan which courses to take each term. It is subject to change.

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[NOTE--The M.S.S. courses listed below and accessed through these links are limited ONLY to those individuals who have been admitted to the M.S.S. program. Others may not register for these courses through any method, such as a class permission (i.e. "green") slip.]

Student OHIO ID and password are required for registering for classes. Information about your student OHIO ID and password is available on the OIT Web site.

  • Sign in to My OHIO Student Center and click on the "Enroll" link in the Academics section of the Student Center. Select the appropriate term and click "Continue." Enter the Class Number and click "Enter." Complete the registration steps to finish enrolling.

Dropping a Course

Check the course offerings to confirm course add and drop dates for that particular semester. If you need to drop a course or courses, use the MY OHIO Student Center.

If you drop ALL your courses on or after the first day of class, university policy considers this a withdrawal. If you are only registered for one class and you wish to drop that class, it is still considered a withdrawal. [See below for information about re-admission].

To withdraw from the semester, you must notify the Graduate College. The email address is graduate@ohio.edu. Indicate in that e-mail that you are dropping all of your course(s) for that semester, and therefore need to withdraw. [Even if you are registered for only one course, you still need to follow this procedure. If you are registered for more than one course, and drop only one of the courses, you do NOT need to follow this procedure.]

If you withdraw from a semester and are in good standing, you can enroll in classes the following semester without doing anything extra.

If you withdraw from a semester and then skip a semester or more before resuming your graduate program, you will have to re-enroll (without a fee) using the Re-Enrollment Form [PDF].

Skipping a Semester

If you skip a taking courses in Fall or Spring Semester before resuming your graduate program, you will have to re-enroll (without a fee) using the Re-Enrollment Form [PDF]. This process is not necessary if the semester you skip is the summer semester.

Course Schedule—Plan Your Course of Study

Summer 2020

Summer 2020 M.S.S. Courses

  • History of the 1960s (HIST 5520), Dr. Chester Pach
  • Human Rights, Law & Justice (ANTH 5620), Dr. Haley Duschinski
  • Contemporary Radical and Critical Theories, (POLS 5710) Dr. Judith Grant
  • Modern Latin American History (HIST 5231), Dr. Patrick Barr-Melej

Fall 2020

Fall 2020 M.S.S. Courses

  • Historical Geography of the United States (GEOG 5340), Dr. Tim Anderson
  • European History Colloquium (HIST 6903), Dr. Michele Clouse (*Must have taken at least 3 MSS courses to enroll.)
  • The Cold War, 1941-1989 (HIST 5742), Dr. Korcaighe Hale
  • Civil Liberties (POLS 5040), Dr. Kathleen Sullivan

Spring 2021

  • United States Diplomacy After WWII (HIST 5164), Dr. Morten Bach
  • Contemporary Europe (HIST 5641), Dr. David Curp
  • Surveillance, Privacy, and Law (POLS 6900), Dr. John Gilliom
  • Peoples, Plagues & Pestilence (ANTH 5580), Dr. Nancy Tatarek

Summer 2021

  • United States History Colloquium (HIST 6901), Dr. Paul Milazzo
    Note: Students need to have successfully completed at least three M.S.S courses before enrolling in a colloquium.
  • Southeast Asia, 1945 to the Present:The Search for Stability (HIST 5452), Dr. Alec Holcombe
  • National Security in the Contemporary Era (POLS 5570), Dr. Nukhet Sandal
  • TBD