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Drs. Harvey Ballard and Juliana de Paula-Souza are classifying the known species in the violet family.

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A Research-Intensive University

Graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences study with internationally renowned faculty in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Ohio University is a research-intensive institution where graduate students join faculty in the search for new knowledge and solutions to 21st century issues.

Among the college's graduate facilities and equipment are a Tandem van de Graff nuclear accelerator, a helium low-temperature laboratory, three electron microscopes, a mammalian recombinant genetics laboratory, a nuclear magnetic resonator, several chemical spectrometers, a photomicroscopy laboratory, a herbarium with more than 4,500 species, and a large preserve of remnant primary forest.

The college's graduate programs include master's degrees, doctoral degrees and certificate programs. Department websites provide information describing specific degree requirements, specialized graduate facilities, and details on faculty research areas.

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