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Undergraduate Research


Paleontology students collect samples on a field trip to Maysville.

Opportunities in Geological Sciences

Undergraduate geology students at Ohio University get to work in the field with renowned faculty as well as doing their own work on senior thesis projects.

Here are some of their stories:

Jackson Reeder —Researched a Senior Thesis on "Investigations into the Petrogenesis of the Stone Mountain and Indian Springs plutons of the Southern Appalachian Orogeny." (Adviser: Dr. Craig Grimes)

Adam Dettmer—Researched a Senior Thesis on "Determination of baseline radon concentrations in groundwater in Southeast Ohio." (Adviser: Dr. Dina L. López)

Cody Contner and Diane Estes—Worked on Dr. Alycia Stigall's NSF project digitizing a 10,000+ specimen collection of Cincinnatian fossils. They generated a from-scratch professional museum-database using the Specify program.

Jennifer Carnes—Presented a poster on her research with Dr. Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch at the Geological Society of America's North-Central Section meeting in Kalamazoo, MI. Her poster was on "Carbonate lakes on basalt flows (Miocene Kiri Kiri Formation, Lake Turkana region, Kenya)."

Richard Bell—worked with Dr. Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch on "Reconstruction of depositional paleoenvironment of the Monongahela Group (Pennsylvanian)" near Macksburg, OH, and received $1,500 from the Ohio University Provost Undergraduate Research Fund.

Jennifer Carnes and Richard Bell—Presented research posters at the Ohio University Student Expo. Paul Trygstad—Received $750 from the Ohio University Provost Undergraduate Research Fund for his senior thesis.

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