Ohio University

Written Comprehensive Exam for Non-Thesis M.S.

Although M.S. students work toward a high level of proficiency in a chosen field of specialization, they should also acquire a broad understanding of the fundamentals of geology.

All M.S. non-thesis option students enter the program with an academic adviser and work with their adviser to determine a course of study. The advisee also works with his or her adviser to select an academic committee by the end of the first half their second semester. The academic committee consists of three faculty members, each of whom has taught at least one course taken by the student. The academic committee is responsible for administering a comprehensive final examination.

All non-thesis students must pass a written comprehensive exam at the end of their last semester based on the courses taken. This exam is designed to assess synthesis of knowledge developed during the course of study; exams will be written and administered by the student?s academic committee. Students who submit unsatisfactory responses will be required to re-take the exam or submit revisions to the committee.