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Grades and Standing in Geography Program

Students are accepted into the program because they have the interests, skills, and work ethic to complete the degree in a timely manner. Faculty are confident that they will perform well in classes and achieve high grades. However, students should be aware of the following guidelines for graduate-level academic expectations.

GPA Requirements

Ohio University operates on a plus/minus grading system, e.g., A (4.00), A- (3.67), B+ (3.33), B (3.00), B- (2.67), etc. Unconditional admission into the program requires an undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 (B) or higher, or compensating evidence of the ability to perform at the graduate level. To remain in good standing in the program, students must maintain this level of performance as a minimum. If their overall GPA drops below 3.00, they will be placed on academic probation immediately. At that time, they will have one semester (or the equivalent of 12 graduate credit hours) to raise their overall average to the 3.00 mark. Students on academic probation cannot receive any financial aid from Ohio University.

The lowest acceptable grade in a graduate course is a C (2.00). However, any student receiving more than one grade of C (at any time in his or her course of study) may be dropped from the program. In such a case, a formal meeting with the student and the graduate committee will be held to discuss the grades and the prospect of removal. Students must earn at least a B (3.00) in the required course (GEOG 5000) in order to receive credit for it, otherwise he or she must repeat the course and earn a grade of B (3.00) or better. A student who receives a grade lower than a C (2.00) in any course can be dropped from the program at the discretion of the graduate committee. If the student is allowed to remain in the program with a grade of less than C (2.00), the course and the hours in which the grade below C (2.00) were earned will not count toward the credit hour requirement for the degree.

Annual Review

At the end of spring semester, the graduate committee will conduct a review of a student's performance thus far in the program. The purpose of this review is to verify that the student is making satisfactory progress toward the completion of the degree and that he or she is on track to fulfill all the requirements of the program on time. Working with the adviser, the graduate committee will:

  • Examine a student's grade report, paying particular attention to courses completed and the GPA.
  • Identify course grades below B (3.00), as well as Incomplete (I) and Progress (PR) grades (indicating that course requirements have not been completed).
  • Seek comments and recommendations from the adviser regarding the student's ability to complete the degree.
  • Request a timetable for completing I or PR grades, if any were noted.

Students making adequate progress toward the degree are considered in good standing. Following the annual review by the graduate committee, any student found not to be in good standing will receive a letter to that effect from the graduate chair. Students receiving an assistantship or Graduate Recruitment Scholarship who are judged not to be in good standing will lose financial support. Students not in good standing may be terminated from the program on the advice of the graduate committee.


Ohio University students must apply for graduation online via their MyOHIO portal early in the term in which they expect to graduate. The deadline to apply for graduation occurs approximately one month into the semester. If a student are is not able to complete the requirements for graduation as planned, the application for graduation must be renewed online (for a small fee) for a subsequent term.