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Online Certificate in Geospatial Information Science: GIS & Cartography

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  • Fully online
  • No prior background in GIS
  • For recent college graduates and working professionals
  • Gain expertise in GIS and cartography

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Certificate Name and Number: Geospatial Information Science: GIS & Cartography (ND9984)

Delivery Mode: Online

For more information, contact the Certificate Coordinator: Dr. Gaurav Sinha.

Certificate Overview

The ability to think spatially, interpret maps, and creatively use geospatial technologies is a fundamental skill expected in a wide variety of careers today. Maps and mapping technologies also underlie a significant proportion of everyday decision making and communication.

Acquiring such skills requires formal training in many topics related to the interdisciplinary field of Geospatial Information Science (GISc). This online graduate certificate is designed for recent college graduates and working professionals without prior background in GIS and cartography.

The curriculum ensures a balanced background in three core areas of GIS:

  • Theoretical foundations of mapping and geospatial analysis
  • Use of geospatial technologies for creating, mapping, and analyzing geographic information
  • General computational and/or information analysis skills

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete four courses (16 credit hours), including three core courses (with a minimum grade of “C”) and one elective. Each course is four credit hours. The minimum GPA requirement for earning this certificate is 3.0. Questions about the certificate should be directed to the Certificate Coordinator, whom enrolled students should also contact for verification of completion and awarding of the certificate.

Core Courses

  • GEOG 5730 Principles of GIS
  • GEOG 5600 Cartography I
  • GEOG 5610 Cartography II (Prerequisite: GEOG 5730 OR GEOG 5600)

Elective Courses

Choose one.

  • GEOG 5740 GIS Design & Application Development (Prerequisite: GEOG 5730)
  • GEOG 5760 Advanced Spatial Analysis & GIS Applications (Prerequisite: GEOG 5730)
  • GEOG 5770 Advanced Topics in Geoinformatics (Prerequisite: GEOG 5730)

Admission Requirements

The Admissions deadline for Summer 2018 is June 23. The Fall 2018 deadline is Sept. 8, and the Spring 2019 deadline is Dec. 7.

The certificate is open to anyone who has earned a bachelor’s degree and is not currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Ohio University.

Before they can enroll for this certificate, applicants must first complete a non-degree application at Apply Now.

When Courses Are Offered

The four courses are offered so that students can complete them in one year.

Students can start any term but Term 4.  

Term 1—July 23 - Sept. 28, 2018, GEOG 5730 Principles of GIS

Term 2—Oct. 8 - Dec. 14, 2018, GEOG 5600 Cartography I

Term 3—Jan. 7 - Mar. 22, 2019, GEOG 5610 Cartography II and GEOG 5730 Principles of GIS

Term 4—April - June 2019 (exact dates tbd), GEOG 5760 Advanced Spatial Analysis & GIS Applications


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