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Michael Outrich

Michael Outrich '16

‘The faculty are very supportive’

There were no parents carrying Michael Outrich’s bags to his freshman dorm.

He came to Ohio University alone, emancipated from the foster care system.

He says he chose Ohio University because of the welcoming atmosphere.

“I felt I could make a home here.”

Mapping Poverty Lit A Fire Under GIS Major

“Everything is tied to geography,” says Outrich. “It’s one of the first things they told us in our physical geography class… and I’ve never forgotten that. Poverty, you can map it.” Outrich goes on to express his surprise upon learning through the certificate that inequality in general is growing, and its ties to economic standing are undeniable – the ability to tie this in with geography, particularly with GIScience, was to Outrich very impactful.

“Maps are a very, very powerful tool,” he says. “It’s one thing to throw up charts of data [but with GIS you get] to give it a place and show that these are homes, this is where people live.” Outrich says he hopes to use his experience with GIS software and the knowledge he’s gaining in graduate school to solve issues of inequality and social justice. “I want to be able to help people, to help them get out of poverty…. I already had the empathy… but [the certificate] lit a fire under me to make a change.” He goes on to say, “[This approach] is a lot less prescriptive and more on the playing field of the person you’re trying to help.”

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