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The B.A. in English

Undergraduate students at the Spring Literary Festival

Undergraduate students at the Spring Literary Festival

Majors & Minors

{Your Voice. Many Voices.}

Imagine opening a poem like a geode. Or turning a critical lens on another culture, including our pasts. Imagine assisting a renowned scholar in researching literary history. Or editing your own literary magazine. Imagine visiting Shakespeare’s London. Or sharpening your intellect through carefully analyzing the literature you love. Imagine meeting internationally recognized authors (including the faculty who teach your classes). Imagine putting your imagination to work.

Small Class Sizes: The majority of courses boast enrollments of fewer than 35 students, and most faculty teach their courses using a combination of lecture and discussion format, which invites enriching personal engagement and at the same time provides the fundamental structure of scholarly critical guidance and learning.

Course Variety: Because of the size of its faculty, Ohio University's English department is able offer its students instruction in a wide variety of fields, including literary study, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, and secondary teacher education. The department’s extensive course offerings, for both majors and non-

Secondary Teaching

A student intending to teach English in secondary school can take a degree either in the College of Arts & Sciences or in the College of Education. The requirements for graduation from the college granting the degree will apply (i.e., foreign language and area requirements in the College of Arts & Sciences). In either case, students must satisfy the Professional Education requirements listed by the College of Education and take all the courses listed under the particular major in the College of

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