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David G. Sharpe


Assistant Professor

Lindley S130

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M.A., Fiction Writing (with John Hawkes, Robert Coover), Brown University, 1986
M.A., Modern Fiction (re: James Joyce), University of Alberta, 1972
B.A., English, University of British Columbia, 1971

Scholarly Focus

  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Online Teaching
  • Writing and Film

Personal Website



"The Changeling: an excerpt from Rochdale: The Runaway College," reprinted in The Anansi Reader, ed. Lynn Coady (Toronto: House of Anansi, 2007), pp.159-172.

Rochdale: The Runaway College (Toronto: House of Anansi, 1987), 297pp. For seven years in the Seventies, Rochdale was the largest free university on the continent. It became a fortress in the middle of a city, a target of police invasions and mass evictions, and a symbol of a decade and a generation.

Short Stories

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Courses Taught

  • Writing and Rhetoric II On-Line (ENG 3080J)
  • Writing and Rhetoric II On-Line (ENG 3080J)
  • Writing and Rhetoric I On-Campus: Writing and Film (ENG 1510)
  • Writing and Rhetoric II On-Campus (ENG 3080J)

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