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Micah McCrary

Micah McCrary (right) and fellow ESL counselors at American Village Officiel in France.

‘Instead of Just Enchanting Students, I Found an Enchanting Experience’

Graduate student Micah McCrary spent his summer teaching at American Village Officiel, a summer camp for elementary-age students in the south of France.

"I assumed upon my arrival in rural, southern France to teach ESL to children at an English immersion camp, that there’d be some sense of magic surrounding French students," McCrary writes. "I thought that because they weren’t American students they might refresh the novelty and enchantment I found in the classroom when I first began teaching—I wasn’t dismayed teaching American students by any means, but I needed, after years of doing many of the same things in my classes, to revitalize my relationship with students and my approaches to teaching.

"I thought going to France might be a way to find what I was looking for, but instead of just enchanting students, I found an enchanting experience—living across the ocean as someone other than my everyday self."

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