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Economics Undergraduate Courses

What Do Economists Study?

Microeconomics: people, decision-making, businesses, markets, strategic interaction, interdependence, sports, terrorism, the law

Macroeconomics: economic growth, unemployment, financial markets, international trade, money and banking, inflation

Policy: poverty, charitable giving, education, healthcare, crime, the environment, cities, corruption

Course Offerings: Policy

  • Current Economic Problems
  • Economics of Altruism
  • Economics of Poverty
  • Economics of Health Care
  • Labor Economics
  • Economic History of the U.S.
  • European Economic History
  • Economics of Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia
  • Gender in the Economy
  • Economics and the Law
  • Economics of Energy
  • Development Economics
  • Economics of China

Course Offerings: Markets

  • Managerial Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economics of Antitrust
  • International Trade
  • Money and Banking
  • International Monetary Systems


  • Behavioral Economics
  • Games and Economic Behavior

Course Offerings: Data, Statistics and Programming

  • Data Analysis using Python
  • Economic Statistics
  • Economic Methodology
  • Economics with SAS

The world and economy increasingly driven by data and software!