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Economics Publications & Presentations

Recent Publications

Bolong Cao

On the teaching of price discrimination in block pricing: a refinement. Journal of Industrial Organization Education, Dec 2012, 6(1), 1-10.

Julie Paxton

A Push towards Revitalizing Rural Financial Institutions: Lessons From Mexico’s PATMIR Project. Promoting Microfinance: Challenge and Innovations in Developing Countries and Countries in Transition, Manos, R., Gueyie, J.P., and J. Yaron, eds., Palgrave Macmillan.

Inflation stationarity during Latin American inflation: insights from unit root and structural break analysis. Applied Economics, Feb 2013, Vol. 45 (15), 2001-2010 (with Tony Caporale).

Patricia Toledo

Investing in small-farm productivity: impact dynamics and heterogeneity in Nicaragua. The American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming (with Michael Carter and E. Tjernstrom).

Rosemary Rossiter

Large enrollment university classes: can they be flipped? National Social Science Technology Journal, forthcoming.

Harold Winter

Trade-Offs: An Introduction to Economic Reasoning and Social Issues, Second Edition. University of Chicago Press, Feb 2013.

Presentations and Invited Participation

Roy Boyd

Impact of energy subsidy reduction on the Mexican economy: a general equilibrium assessment. Nov 2012, invited lecture, World Bank, Washington DC.

Energy and the environment in Mexico. Dec 2012, invited lecture, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City.

Ariaster Chimeli

Mahogany trade. Nov 2012, invited presentation by the University of Illinois

Violence in the Amazon. Dec 2012, Brazilian Econometric Society meetings. Professor Chimeli's paper was chosen as the best applied microeconomics paper by the Society.

Roberto Duncan

Threshold model of the US current account. June 2013, invited address, Central Bank of Peru.

Forecasting methods and forecast evaluation. June 2013, invited address, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Julie Paxton

Cultivating altruism: insights from microeconomics. July 2012, invited presentation to the Ohio University Foundation Board of Trustees meeting.

Cultivating kindness: insights from behavioral economics. Feb 2013, keynote speech at the Ohio University Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting.

What makes people altruistic? March 2013, keynote speech at Women in Philanthropy, Women Making a Difference Conference.

The economics of altruism, June 2013, WOUB Conversations from Studio B interview with Kelee Riesbeck.

Xi Liu

Market reaction to earnings when investors disagree. Nov 2012, Financial Management Association meeting.

Bolong Cao

The performance of Chinese open-end stock mutual funds: a first look. Nov 2012, Southern Finance Association.

Rosemary Rossiter

Invited participant, May 2013, Financial Stability Analysis: Using the Tools, Finding the Data, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Washington D.C.

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