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Class Cancelation, Drops & Withdrawals

Cancelation of Registration

Cancelation of registration is defined as dropping all classes before the first day of classes. You may do this by using Web Registration.

Dropping a Class

If you drop hours before or during the first 14 days of the semester, when such changes result in reduction of fees, you are entitled to receive a 100 percent refund of the reduction. If you drop a course during the first two weeks (first 14 calendar days), you will have no record of that course on your transcript.

If you drop a course after the 14th day of the quarter, the instructor will assign a grade of WP or WF, indicating that you were performing work considered passing (WP) or failing (WF) at the time you dropped the course. This grade will be awarded at the end of the quarter. Changes made after the 14th day of the semester will result in no refund.

You may drop any course through the fifth week (defined for the purpose of this policy as the 35th calendar day) of a semester. After the end of the fifth week and before the last class day of the semester, you may petition your dean requesting to drop under special circumstances. You must provide an appropriate written detailed explanation of your situation and written verification of your reasons. Special circumstances are regarded as exceptional cases. Earning a low grade in the course is not to be considered such a circumstance. The student should bear in mind that petitions will be approved only in extreme cases. (See Medical Documentation Form.)

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University is defined as dropping all classes on or after the first day of classes. This means you must withdraw from all Ohio University classes in which you are registered, whether on one campus or multiple campuses. This may NOT be done by using Web Registration. You must contact the College of Arts & Sciences Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs in Wilson Hall (Administration) on the College Green or your regional campus student services office to initiate the withdrawal process.

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