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Planning Forms for Online, Summer and Part-time Teaching

About Contracts, Overloads, and Approvals

Preapproval of Funding

Please ensure that funding approval is in place before students begin to register for a course. Most departments use the relevant teaching proposal form to share plans for coming terms.

Please restrict faculty overloads to critical needs and emergency teaching. They are not to be used for meeting typical and ongoing demand for courses. Please note that the term “overload” excludes summer.  

Chairs may not approve contracts for themselves.

All contracts and all new hire paperwork must be processed and approved by the Dean’s Office before work begins.


After a department has obtained funding approval for contracts, the department will need to submit a footprints request attaching any approval documents that the department has.

A footprints request should also be submitted for contracts being paid on non-operating sources such as grants, foundation, research incentive, etc.

If funding for contracts have been included as part of a department’s original annual budget, do not submit a footprints request.

Employee Management System (EMS)

For contracts that have footprints approval, a department should reference the footprints number assigned in the “Remarks” line in EMS.

For contracts being charged to an original budget allocation, indicate the funding source is original budget in the “Remarks” line in EMS.

Emergencies and Exceptions

Please reach out to the Dean's Office immediately in the case of emergencies tied to unexpected absences tied to FMLA leave, sick leave, or other sudden disruptions. Non-emergency expenses that have not been approved are no longer covered by the college.

Teaching Master Form Users’ Guide

This form replaces previous planning forms for online, summer and part-time teaching and adds the capacity to automatically generate correct salary and benefit information. This version will only be used for Summer 2014 planning.

Although this form has been thorough a test drive with volunteers, there will assuredly be some problems that we have not identified, so please be patient and let us know about any suggestions or concerns. Questions and feedback can go to Diane Lucas, Senior Business Manager; policy questions can go to Associate Dean Dr. John Gilliom.

Please save the spreadsheet with your department’s name in the beginning of the title (zoology teaching request master form.xls) and email to

General Notes

There are separate tabs for the different types and terms of instruction. In this cycle, you will only need the tabs for summer online and face-to-face (f2f) teaching.

Because of the way that the compensation calculations are made, it is important that the red numbered columns BE FILLED OUT IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. If cells are entered/selected out of sequential order, the rates will not populate correctly. If you get out of order in a row just stop, write Void under the Course Title, and start over on the next line. Also, if there is an option to select a number or term from a drop down menu, it must be used. Many of the cells are pre-populated with sample figures—when you click on the figure you can bring down a menu that will allow you to make your choices. Don’t worry about the cluttered pre-populated boxes in the rows of the form that you do not use.

The first lines in the tabs have been filled out as an example.

The account number may be left blank if you are unsure.

If there is not a provided choice for your type of teaching request, please fill out the request at the bottom under Special Request With Different Rates.

Please use a separate row for each section of a proposed course.

This form calculates figures using the Provost’s minimums for compensation—If you are proposing to pay above this rate, please use the Special Request Section.

The College IS paying scalable rate for online this summer. This is built into the system.

Tab Notes

Summer F2F Instructions

For this tab, the projected enrollment numbers must be entered by hand. When other columns say “Must Select one,” click on the cell to find the drop down box with options.

Online Instructions

The Projected Enrollment figure must be selected from the drop down menu, (not typed in) in order to populate the correct rate.

Depending on the type of Teaching Request being selected, you will be provided a number with a hyphened acronym: Prof, Asc, Ast, Inst, sProf, sAsc, sAst, sInst (s is for Summer). Please ignore these letters—They only exist to populate the correct rate.

If a course has a projected enrollment over 50, the facilitator’s salary will be automatically populated. You will only need to enter the Facilitator Name (if you know it).

Nonfaculty Employee Request Instructions

The salary must be manually entered for non-faculty requests. Once a salary is entered, the benefits and total expense boxes will automatically populate. You can only select the Semester (3) and type of Employee Request (4) using the drop down boxes in the cells.

Teaching Assistants

Due to University Policy, the Teaching Assistant option gets a bit complicated. If you select Teaching Assistant as the Instructor, you will see 4 options:

  • Teaching Assistant 1 (2 credits)—Select if the person is teaching only one 2 credit course
  • Teaching Assistant 1 (3-4 credits)—Select if the person is teaching only one 3-4 credit course
  • Teaching Assistant 2 (2 credits)—Select this ONLY if the same person is teaching a second course that is worth 2 credits.
  • Teaching Assistant 2 (3-4 credits)—Select this ONLY if the same person is teaching a second 3-4 credit course.

If you have 1 teaching assistant teaching 2 courses, 2 different lines must be filled out with the options above. Because credit hours have been determined in this column, please leave the default in the credit hour column as 1.

Data Tab

The rates that are populated in the request forms are pulled from the Data sheet. Any changes in this sheet will change the request forms. Please ignore the Data tab.

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