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Early Tenure

College of Arts & Sciences Policy on Early Tenure, 2013-14

The intent of this policy is to articulate the conditions under which a group I faculty member may be considered for promotion and tenure in advance of the year specified in the initial letter of offer.

Definition of “Early” Tenure

The College of Arts & Sciences Guidelines for the Promotion and Tenure Dossier state “consideration for tenure and promotion...normally occurs in the penultimate year of the probationary period. A department should recommend ‘early’ promotion and tenure only for a candidate for whom a clear and compelling case can be made.”

An early promotion and/or tenure case is one that is considered before the penultimate year of the probationary period.


The following guidelines will govern the recommendation to consider a faculty member for early tenure:

  1. No consideration for an early decision will be considered before the third year of service at Ohio University if the candidate received a probationary period of less than seven years or before the fourth year of service at Ohio University if the candidate received the maximum seven-year probationary period.
  2. The primary criterion for consideration will be that the candidate exceeds all department and college criteria in the areas of teaching, research or scholarship, and service. Such a faculty member would be described as truly outstanding or extraordinary in all areas.
  3. Before requesting early consideration, and before any dossier is prepared or external letters of reference are sought, the department chair must discuss the merits of the case with the dean (preferably during the summer). In this discussion the chair must provide the candidate’s curriculum vitae, other relevant materials, and the written documents that specified the length of the probationary period. The chair will be expected to discuss explicitly the compelling nature for an early decision.
  4. When the rank at the time of initial appointment was that of associate professor, a faculty member will not be considered for promotion unless tenure has previously been granted, or the consideration for tenure and promotion occur concurrently.


In the event that the request for early promotion and/or tenure is denied, the case can be reconsidered only in the penultimate year of the candidate’s probationary period.

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