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Tom Carpenter

Tom Carpenter

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Classics & World Religions

Ohio University faculty member since 1997

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Oxford University, Doctor of Philosophy, 1983; Harvard University, Master of Theological Studies, 1971; Johns Hopkins University, Bachelor of Arts, 1966


  • Greek Archaeology
  • Greek religion and iconography

Courses Taught

  • CLAR 2120: Roman Archaeology
  • CLAR 3910: Ancient Rome: Development of the City from the 8th Century B.C. to the 4th Century A.D.
  • CLAS 2340: Classical Mythology
  • CLAS 2520: Classical Athens
  • CLAS 2530: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
  • CLAS 2540: Rome Under the Caesars
  • CLAS 2550: Pagan to Christian in Late Antiquity
  • CLAS 3120: Greek Tragedy and Comedy



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