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Chemistry Scholarships & Financial Aid

Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards      

Graduate Student Financial Aid

Scholarships for Chemistry Students

Alvin Carlson Scholarship

Chemistry Scholarship

Patricia Ann (Donahey) Morrison, Richard S. Donahey Sr., and Martha M. Donahey Memorial Scholarship

Lela A. Ewers Science Scholarship

Nicholas W. Gecsy Chemistry Scholarship

Helen Hoover Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bill Huntsman Organic Chemistry Student Award

Lubrizol Foundation Scholarship

Raymond S. Lupse, M.D., and Martha M. Lupse Pre-Med Scholarship

Dr. Ruth Mathewson Scholarship

George and June Mattson Scholarship

Wayne A. and Carol H. Pletcher Undergraduate Scholarship

C. Paul and Beth K. Stocker Scholarship

James and Harriet Tong Scholarship in Forensic Chemistry

Karin Lerch Toomey Scholarship


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