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Chemical Education Division

Chemical Education photo of test tubes

Associated Faculty

Rebecca Barlag—Learning in the classroom and laboratory focusing on analytical, forensic and general chemistry

Corey Beck—Learning in the classroom focusing on flipped classroom and interactive learning

Klaus Himmeldirk—Learning in the Organic Chemistry laboratory with a focus on preparing students to be independent practitioners and thinkers

Heather Hopgood—Learning in the classroom focusing on college-level learning, student engagement, and metacognition.

Lauren McMills—Learning in the classroom and laboratory focusing on peer-led team learning (PLTL), student engagement, interactive learning

Frazier Nyasulu—Focus on the increase of student engagement, critical thinking, and teamwork in the general chemistry laboratory

Shadrick Paris—Learning in the classroom focusing on student engagement and interactive learning

Andrew Tangonan—Learning in the general chemistry classroom; manager of NMR and mass spectrometry facilities

About the Chemical Education Division

The Chemical Education Division focuses on innovative teaching methods to increase student engagement and learning in the classroom and laboratory. Examples include the use of Peer-Led Team Learning, flipped classroom, and personal response systems. In the laboratory, students experience a dynamic environment in which they are exposed to both the practice and theoretical aspects of chemistry with the goal of preparing students to become independent thinkers through the use of inquiry learning.


Faculty in the Chemical Education Division primarily focus on educating undergraduates in the classroom and in the teaching laboratories.

Some faculty in this division conduct research with undergraduates and master's students. In addition to the faculty in the Chemical Education Division, many other research-active faculty perform research with undergraduates and master's students. Please contact an individual faculty member if you are interested in working with them on an independent research project.