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Chemistry NMR

The NMR facility is a full-service facility in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Tangonan.

The facility operates two High Resolution NMR spectrometers.

Bruker Ascend 500
Bruker Ascend 500

The Bruker Ascend 500 NMR 500 MHz high resolution spectrometer is equipped with two solutions probe (BBO and TXI) and a solids probe (H/X CP-MAS) which can handle an array of experiments for a variety of sample types. This unit is also capable of doing variable temperature (VT) experiments ranging from -150 to 150 °C.

Bruker Avance 300
Bruker Avance 300


A Bruker Avance 300 MHz spectrometer is equipped with a standard BBO probe that handles daily runs for both research and academic samples. The 24-tube NMR case allows continuous runs with minimal supervision.

The facility is available to external users upon completion of an NMR training course. Please contact the NMR facility manager for additional information on instrument capability or custom experimental needs.

Both spectrometers are located in Clippinger Room 172A.

The facility is open to users for hands-on operations after a proper training has been received. For occasional users and for those who want to run non-routine experiments, Dr. Tangonan will be more than happy to assist you.

For more information and also to make an appointment to use the 500 MHz Varian NMR, contact Dr. Andrew Tangonan.

The department also offers NMR Analytical Services to users outside of the university community. To find out more information about the cost and other details, please contact Dr. Tangonan.

NMR Hourly Rates

300 MHz

Run Time: Under 8 Hours | Greater Than 8 Hours | Tech Time hour*

OHIO Chemistry Department/Affiliates: 8 | 6 | 25

OHIO Internal Users: 8 | 6 | 25

Academic/Government: 24 | 16 | 50

Industry/Commercial: 30 | 20 | 75

500 MHz

Run Time: Under 8 Hours | Greater Than 8 Hours | Tech Time hour*

OHIO Chemistry Department/Affiliates: 10 | 8 | 25

OHIO Internal Users: 10 | 8 | 25

Academic/Government: 28 | 22 | 50

Industry/Commercial: 36 | 24 | 75

*Tech time includes experiment set-up, data processing, and sample prep, excluding actual run times.