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Cari Hollenbeck

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Graduate Student

Year of Entry

Fall 2014


Experimental Health Psychology


Dr. Peggy Zoccola

Research Interests

Health psychology, stress and coping, psychoneuroimmunology, diet, sleep, gender

Curriculum Vitae

Cari Hollenbeck
200 Porter Hall
Athens, OH 45701


Ohio University

Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, with a specialization in Health, 2014-Present, Thesis: Diet, Stress, and Inflammation: The Relationship of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Inflammation, Mood, and Cardiovascular Activation at Rest and in Response to a Standardized Social-Evaluative Threat Stressor Task, In Progress

MPH, Masters in Public Health, 2015-Present

B.A. in Psychology, cum laude, 2010-2014

Peer-Reviewed Presentations

Manigault, A.W., Figueroa, W., Mendelein, A., Parry, E., Hollenbeck, C.R., Woody, W.A., Zoccola, P.M. (2016, April). The association between trait mindfulness, perceived stress and diurnal cortisol in sexual minority adults. Poster presented at the 74th American Psychosomatic Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Denver, CO.

Scanlin, M., Wilkinson, M., Mente, L., Hamilton, K., Hollenbeck, C.R., Zoccola, P.M., Wilson, T., Patterson, S. (2016, April). The Autonomic and Hemodynamic effects of a hydration intervention during a phlebotomy procedure. Poster presented at the 74th American Psychosomatic Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Denver, CO.

Wilkinson, M., Hamilton, K., Hollenbeck, C. R., Patterson, S. M. (2014, April). Influence of hydration status on short-term memory in a healthy college sample. Poster presented at the 35th Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions, Philadelphia, PA.

Bolinger, E., Hollenbeck, C., & Suhr, J. (2012, November). Evidence for a cogniform disorder subtype: An examination of cognitive symptoms in medical patients. Poster presented at the National Academy of Neuropsychology, Nashville, TN.

Hollenbeck, C., & Suhr, J. (2012, April). Examination of self-reported cognitive symptoms in medical patients: Validation of the cogniform disorder subtype. Poster presented at the Midwestern Neuropsychological Group Annual Meeting, Dayton, OH.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Vigo, R. & Zeigler, D.E. (2016). On the Relationship Between Perceived Structural Complexity and Temporal Judgments. In J. Houpt & L. Blaha (Eds.), Mathematical Models of Perception and Cognition: Essays in Honor of Jim Townsend. New York, NY: Routledge.

Professional Service

Society for Health Psychology Campus Representative (APA Div 38) (2015 - Present)

Professional Affiliations

Eta Sigma Phi, Ohio University Chapter of the National Honors Society for Latin and Greek

Psi Chi, Ohio University Chapter of the National Honor Society for Psychology

American Psychological Association, Student Affiliate

American Psychological Association, Division 38, Student Affiliate

American Psychosomatic Society, Student Affiliate

American Public Health Association, Student Affiliate

Ohio Public Health Association, Student Affiliate

Ohio Academy of Science

Research Experience


Psychosocial Processes and Health Laboratory, (2014 - Present)

Faculty Advisor: Peggy Zoccola, Ph.D.

Projects: Inflammatory Responses to Acute Psychological Stress and Rumination; An Examination of the Direct and Indirect Effects of Minority Stress on Mental and Physical Health in Sexual Minorities; Stress, Implicit Rumination, and Cardiovascular Activation; An Examination of the Direct and Indirect Effects of Feedback Type on Cortisol Levels

Responsibilities: Oversee the work of undergraduate research assistants, help run participants through experimental protocol or act as an evaluator, create scheduling for the lab and research assistants, mentor undergraduate students in the lab and with schoolwork, assist in research assistant training


Psychohematology Research Laboratory, (2013 - 2014)

Faculty Advisor: Stephen Patterson, Ph.D.

Projects: Impact of Hydration Status on Nocturnal Autonomic Function and Daytime Cognition; Emotional Responses to Eeriness Perceptions in the Uncanny Valley

Responsibilities: Ran participants through physiological protocol, cleaned and entered heart rate data with Kubios software, scored OSPAN data with Excel and SPSS. We presented a poster for this study at the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) conference in the spring of 2014.

Responsibilities: Score and enter OSPAN output into Excel spreadsheets and SPSS, assist in attaching equipment to female participants to take blood pressure and bioelectrical impedance measures. Experience preparing and conducting epinephrine and norepinephrine assays in the wetlab.

Structure, Concepts, and Perception (SCOPE) Laboratory, Ohio University, (2012 - 2013)

Faculty Advisor: Ronaldo Vigo, Ph.D.

Projects: On the Influence of Structure and Complexity in Perceived Duration Responsibilities: Organized data from Matlab. I am acknowledged in a recent submission by the lab (Vigo & Zeigler, On the Relationship Between Complexity and Temporal Judgements, manuscript submitted for publication), and the project is also in the process of being used to write a chapter for a textbook.

Clinical Neuropsychology Research Laboratory, Ohio University, (2011 - 2014)

Faculty Advisor: Julie Suhr, Ph.D.

Projects: Examining the Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Markers of Psychopathology; Diagnosis Threat in Medical Conditions

Responsibilities: Data collection includes conducting a three-hour neuroendocrine (i.e., obtaining salivary cortisol at three time points), neuropsychological (i.e., estimate of intelligence, impulsivity, affect, decision-making capacity), and autonomic (i.e., skin conductance reactivity and heart rate) protocol.

Administering and scoring a variety of self-report and cognitive measures; Scored MMPI-2 RF protocols, entered data into SPSS, conducted statistical analyses, and developed research poster.

Coping with Anxiety Research Laboratory, Ohio University, (2012)

Faculty Advisor: Brook Marcks, Ph.D.

Projects: Impact of Beliefs About Rituals on Neutralizing Behavior and Anxiety Responsibilities: Explained procedures to and obtained informed consent from participants, administered and scored self-report questionnaires that assessed a variety of domains (i.e., anxiety, mood), ran participants through experimental manipulations for anxiety induction and measured the effects of the manipulations, debriefed participants, and assisted with data entry and management in SPSS.



  • SPSS
  • R
  • Biopac
  • Kubios (heart rate variability, impedence)
  • Excel


  • ELISA hormone assays

Tests Trained to Administer

  • OSPAN tasks
  • MMPI
  • Balloon Analog Risk Task (BART)
  • International Affective Picture System (IAPS)
  • Iowa Gambling Task (IGT)
  • Modified Taylor Competitive Reaction Time Task (TCRTT)
  • Trier Social Stress Test (TSST)

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, Ohio University, (2014 - Present)
Responsibilities: Grading and entering assignment and exam scores, leading and overseeing classroom projects, providing office hours for students by appointment to receive help with coursework and review past exams, teaching review sessions before exams.
Undergraduate Courses: General Psychology (Fall 2014), Research Methods in Psychology (Fall 2014; Spring, 2016), Elementary Statistical Reasoning (Spring 2015), Social Psychology (Spring 2015), Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Fall 2015), Physiological Psychology (Spring, 2016), Human Stress (Fall, 2015; Spring 2016)

Guest Lectures, (Sept. 2015) UC 1000:
1.5 hour lecture on the psychology major, including my experience as an undergraduate, what the major entails at OU, and what you can do with a major after graduation

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Oct. 2015)
Four class periods (one week) of lectures covering one-way ANOVA and helping students select/approving topics for the third project (a group project on ANOVA). Received very high feedback from students regarding the lectures, and the students performed very highly on the ANOVA portion of their exam.

Professional Experience

President, Ohio University Chapter of Psi Chi National Honor Society (2013 – 2014)
Treasurer, Ohio University Chapter of Psi Chi National Honor Society (2012 – 2013)
Advisors: Sandra Hoyt, Ph.D. and Roger Griffeth, Ph.D.

Peer-Tutor, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Department of Psychology, Ohio University (2011 - 2014)
Supervisor: Craig McCarthy, Ph.D.
Responsibilities: Teach students how to use SPSS and SamplePower software, guide students in choosing research topics and preparing their research projects and presentations, tutor students in test preparation in statistics.

Tutor, Academic Advancement Center at Ohio University (2011 - 2014)
Supervisor: Joan Zelaya

Certificates and Trainings

SafeZone! Train the Trainer (2013 - October)
SafeZone! (2013 - October)
21st Century Leadership Certificate (2012)

Community Service

Volunteer with the local meal initiatives at United Campus Ministries (2013 – Present)
Volunteer with Activity Therapy at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (2011 – 2013)

Relevant Undergraduate Coursework

Natural sciences including biology and chemistry, first aid, nutrition, communication sciences and disorders.