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Bill Broach

Bill Broach in white coat in genomics facility, with pipette
Director of the Ohio University Genomics Facility
Porter 510

Lab Phone: 740-593-1120

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B.S., Eastern Kentucky University, 2008

Ph.D., Ohio University, 2014

Post-doc, University of South Florida, 2016

About Bill Broach

I am a 2014 alum of the Molecular and Cellular Biology program at Ohio University. My research, with adviser Dr. Erin Murphy of OU-HCOM, was on the role of small, regulatory RNAs (sRNAs) in the regulation of virulence in Shigella dysenteriae. I went on to do post-doctoral research at the University of South Florida in Tampa, where I used Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques to re-annotate the genomes of several pathogenic and a non-pathogenic Staphylococcal species, as well as Acinetobacter baumannii, for sRNAs. The newly annotated genomes served as the basis of several whole genome comparisons as well as the analysis of multiple transcriptomes from several host-associated and lab related conditions. My background in RNA-based regulation, experience with NGS, and love of all things OHIO and Athens led me to rejoin Ohio University as director of the Genomics Facility.

About the Ohio University Genomics Facility

The Ohio University Genomics Facility exists to provide the Ohio University community access to the state-of-the-art tools needed to remain competitive in today’s research environment and to provide our users with a level of education and service unparalleled by any other institution. The facility was founded in 2007 thanks to a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the NSF written and submitted by Dr. Sarah Wyatt and Dr. Morgan Vis of the Environmental & Plant Biology Department. While the facility is housed within the Environmental & Plant Biology Department, the facility exists as a resource to all members of the Ohio University community, their academic and institutional collaborators, the greater Athens community, and the entirety of the research community.

Our goal is to maintain the equipment necessary for our researchers to stay competitive in the current national research environment. To this end, we house several pieces of equipment including two NGS, the Life Technologies Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine, and the Illumina MiSeq. (For a full list of equipment and services please see the website listed below or contact Bill Broach to discuss your specific needs.)

We maintain an Open Door Policy at the facility, and we encourage you to work with us directly on your projects. We take pride in working alongside Ohio University researchers to fully understand the overarching research questions of each lab and help determine how to move your research forward using the most innovative tools available. The facility is committed to supporting the research, education, and prestige of Ohio University.


Ohio University Genomics Facility