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Debra Walter

Debra Walter

Graduate Student

Biological Sciences

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Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology/Biological Sciences


Dr. Karen Coschigano, Dr. Kelly McCall

Debra Walter is working with Drs. Karen Coschigano and Kelly McCall to identify specific molecular, cellular and functional signatures for Non-Obese Diabetic mouse kidneys with virus infection, diabetes or both together. Studying diabetic nephropathy in humans is difficult, and ideal animal model systems are lacking.

Walter’s dissertation is geared toward developing a new mouse model that may provide a faster, more cost-effective model for studying diabetic nephropathy. She is utilizing the NOD mouse that spontaneously develops diabetes with age but is accelerated two-fold by Coxsackievirus infection. With this in mind, she hopes to determine if renal complications also are accelerated.

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