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Anita Villacis

Anita Villacis, portrait outdoors
Graduate Student
Irvine 311


Dr. Mario Grijalva


Anita Villacís has been a part of the Medical Entomology Unit of the Center for Research on Health in Latin America (CISeAL), Pontifical Catholic University, Quito, Ecuador, since 2003. She completed her bachelor's (Biological and Educational Sciences) and her master's in pedagogy in Ecuador. She’s a Ph.D. candidate in the Molecular and Cellular Biology program at Ohio University under Dr. Grijalva’s mentorship. Her main focus is to investigate the behavior, ecology, phenotypic variability and genetic diversity of triatomines (the insect that transmits Chagas Disease). However, using her background in biological sciences pedagogy she has been working in prevention and community education campaigns related to Chagas Disease in Ecuador.