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College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences Notable Alumni Award

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Dozens of alumni—from across the Arts & Sciences departments and majors—will be honored on Oct. 25, 2019.

About the Notable Alumni Award

The College of Arts & Sciences’ Notable Alumni Award recognizes outstanding alumni. Arts & Sciences is committed to honoring alumni who have broad accomplishments in their careers, who have a commitment to community service at Ohio University, and who make valuable contributions to Ohio University, the College of Arts & Sciences, and its students. Nominees must be graduates from the College of Arts & Sciences.

For more information about the Notable Alumni awards, contact Lisa Cohen at

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2017 Notable Alumni

  • Mark Howard Allenbaugh, M.A. 1995 in Philosophy
  • Dr. Stuart C. Blersch, A.B. 1967, M.A. 1968 in English, Ph.D. 1975 in English
  • Mitchell Brourman, M.S. 1994 in Geology
  • Dr. Carolee T. Bull, B.S. 1985 in Plant Biology
  • Edward C. Chow, A.B. 1971 in Economics, MAIA 1972 in Southeast Asia Studies
  • Richard L. Clayton, BBA in Business Administration 1973, MA 1974
  • Dr. Anca P. Constantin, Ph.D. 2004 in Physics
  • Dr. Costel Constantin, M.S. 2003 in Physics, Ph.D. 2006 in Physics
  • Richard W. Couch, B.S. 1984 in Chemistry
  • Fanta Diamanka, M.A. 2007 in African Studies, Ph.D. 2013 in Cultural Studies, WGSS
  • Steven Louis Ellis, B.A. 1982 in Political Science, minor in Business
  • Dr. William P. Grabe, M.A. 1978 in Linguistics
  • Dr. Taylor S. Hagood, A.A. 1996, B.A. 1998 in English, M.A. 2000 in English
  • Ben F. Holt III, M.S. 1996 in Plant Biology
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Kean, B.S. 1960 in Chemistry
  • Tracy M. Kelly, B.A. 2009 in History, Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies, MPA 2013 in Public Administration
  • Dr. Michael Andrew Kukral, B.S. 1982 in Geography, M.A. 1986 in Political Science, M.S. 1987 in Environmental Studies
  • Lisa Marie Maatz, A.B. 1989 in Sociology and Political Science - Pre-Law, Women’s Studies Certificate
  • John Charles Maximuk, B.S. 1992 in Geography
  • Justin Robert McCaulley, B.A. 2001 in Political Science
  • Joshua Michael McConaughy, B.A. 2006 in Anthropology
  • John T. Moore, A.B. 1988 in Sociology
  • Dr. Gordon K. Murphy, A.B. 1961 in Biological Sciences
  • Dr. James A. Parr, A.B. 1959 in Spanish, M.A. 1961 in Spanish
  • Rachael Suzanne Peckham, Ph.D. 2009 in English
  • Elizabeth L. Pepper, B.A. 2003 in History
  • Pierce Jay Reed, Esq., A.B. 1986 in Psychology
  • Jacob Matthew Robertson, B.S. 2013 in Math Prep for Actuarial Science
  • Bryson William-Allen Rose, B.A. 2009 in African American Studies
  • David A. Snow, B.A. 1966 in Sociology                      
  • Dr. Dustin E. Starkey, B.S. 1998 in Forensic Chemistry
  • John E. Stember, Esq., A.B. 1972 Honors College, Cutler Fellow       
  • Zachary Lee TidabackEsq., B.A. 2007 in Philosophy
  • Dr. Ivan M. Tribe, BSEd. in 1962 in History, M.A. 1967 in History
  • Kyle Triplett, B.A. 2012 in Political Science
  • R. Clarke VanDervort, A.B. 1975 in Classical Language and Literature
  • Kelly Kochamba Wesolosky, B.A. 2002 in Economics, Spanish

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