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Adam Givens

Graduate Student
Bentley Annex

Current Degree Program

  • Ph.D. program

Concentration Fields

  • U.S. Military History
  • Russian/Soviet History
  • International Strategy and Diplomacy

Dissertation Title

"On the Wing: Army Aviation from the Cold War to the Twenty-First Century"

Dissertation Abstract

My dissertation analyzes the United States Army’s aviation program from the early Cold War to present day. It questions how Army Aviation went from a small fleet of light commercial aircraft after the Second World War to a sophisticated institution that is the archetype for armies around the world. I argue that it did so through a close relationship with the aviation industry. Army Aviation benefited from an engrained American dependence on technology, Cold War paranoia of losing a technological advantage over the Soviet Union, and the necessity for military organizations to appear relevant to Congressional overseers.

My project examines how military and industrial leaders constructed a mutually-beneficial partnership during the Cold War, which still exists today. It blends military, congressional, technology, business, and institutional history in order to understand how civilian and military organizations ally with one another in order to achieve their respective goals. I hypothesize that it is during times of peace that this relationship is most crucial, as it is then that technology can be designed, developed, and ultimately sold materially and conceptually.

Scholarships, Grants and Awards

  • Baker Peace Dissertation Fellowship, 2016-2017
  • US Army Center of Military History Dissertation Fellowship, 2015-16
  • Contemporary History Fellowship, Ohio University
  • Original Research Grant, Ohio University 2015 & 2012
  • Student Enhancement Award, Ohio University 2015
  • Original Work Grant, Graduate Student Senate, Ohio University, 2014
  • Exploratory Research Grant, Hagley Museum and Library, 2015
  • Robert L. Ruth and Robert C. Ruth Research Fellowship, Army Heritage Center Foundation, 2014

Teaching Experience

  • Instructor, HIST 1330: Introduction to World History Since 1750
  • Teaching Assistant, HIST 1220: Western Civilization: Modernity from 1500
  • Teaching Assistant, HIST 2010: Survey of United States History, 1865-Present
  • Grader, HIST 3211: American Military History, 1600-Present
  • Grader, HIST 3213: War, Violence, Modernity
  • Grader, HIST 3330: Oil, the Persian Gulf, and World Power
  • Grader, HIST 3770: The Holocaust

Previous Graduate Work

M.A. in History, Wright State University

Undergraduate Degree

B.A. in History and Political Science, Ohio University