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Race and Social Policy

Dr. Daniel Moak's research focuses on black political thought, political economy, and social welfare policy. His recent scholarship examines how historical developments and debates about race shaped the terms of black incorporation into society, the scope of the broader social welfare state, and the experience of citizenship in the United States.

His current book project, Supply-Side Education: Race, Inequality, and the Rise of the Punitive Education State, outlines the development of a punitive federal education state characterized by high stakes testing, mass firings, merit-based teacher pay, wide-scale privatization, and extensive school closures. The book traces how civil rights groups and liberal federal policymakers built institutions in which faith in education as a solution to poverty, unemployment, and racial disparity led to the development of current punitive education policies. 

Moak teaches courses on African American Political Thought, Black Political Economy, Race & the Criminal Justice System, and Introduction to African American Studies.

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