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College of Arts & Sciences

Smoki Musaraj


Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Sociology & Anthropology
Bentley Annex 155

Recent News


Ph.D., New School for Social Research, 2012

Research & Expertise

  • Economic Anthropology
  • Theories of Money and Value
  • Informal Economies
  • Anthropology of Corruption
  • Socialism and Postsocialism
  • Southeast Europe
  • Albania

Courses Taught

  • ANTH 1010: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 3500/5500: Economic Anthropology
  • ANTH 3820: Cultures of the Mediterranean

Awards & Grants

Distinguished Mentor Award, Honor Tutorial College (2017)

Ohio University Research Committee Award, Ohio University

Stanley Diamond Dissertation Award, The New School

International Dissertation Research Fellowship, Social Science Research Council

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, National Science Foundation

Dissertation Fellowship, Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Canada

Selected Publications

2017 “Pyramid Firms and Value Transformation in Postsocialist Albania.” Ethnologie Française. Vol 2: 321-330.

2016 “Shtëpi Evropjane për një të ardhme më të mirë.” (European Homes for a Better Future.) Përpjekja Vol 34 (1)

2015 “Indicators, Global Expertise, and a Local Political Drama: Producing and Deploying Corruption Perception Surveys in Albania.” In The Quiet Power of Indicators: Measuring Development, Corruption, and Rule of Law. Edited by Sally Engle Merry, Kevin Davis, Angelina Fisher, and Benedict Kingsbury. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

2012 “Alternative Publics, Alternative Temporalities: Unofficial Collective Practices in Communist Albania.” In Albania: Family, Society and Culture in the 20th Century. Eds. Andrea Hemming, Gentiana Kera, Enriketa Papa. LIT Verlag.

2011 “Tales from Albarado: The Materiality of Pyramid Schemes in Postsocialist Albania.” Cultural Anthropology. 26(1): 84-110. See also Supplementary Material.

2009 “Passport Troubles: Social Tactics and Places of Informal Transactions in Postosocialist Albania.” Anthropology of East Europe Review. 27(2): 157-175

2008 “Pikëpyetje Antropologjike Mbi Korrupsionin.” (Anthropological Questions on Corruption) Polis 6: Korrupsioni në Shqipëri (Corruption in Albania) European Univ. of Tirana. 6

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