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College of Arts & Sciences



Dr. Nukhet Sandal and Dr. Andrew Ross

Awards Advisory Committee

Chair: Dr. Laurie Russell Hatch, Associate Dean

Members: Roy Boyd, Dave Kidder, Alfred Lent, Ghirmai Negash, Jeff Rack, Liang Tao, Matthew White, Risa Whitson


Note: Questions concerning Curriculum Committee processes and forms should be directed to Vicki Butcher (

Chair: Dr. Laurie Russell Hatch, Associate Dean

Members: Caryn Asleson, Kristi Barnes, David Bell, Chris Coski, Lynne Lancaster, Glenn Matlack, Jaclyn Maxwell, Willem Roosenburg, William Shambora, Eric Stinaff, Julie White, Nicole Reynolds

Faculty Development

Chair: Michael Jensen

Members: Laurie Russell Hatch, Loreen Giese, Harold Perkins, Tomohiko Sugiyama, Kevin Uhalde,

Professional Ethics

Faculty Senate Appointments: Ken Hicks, Peter Jung

Dean's Appointments: Dorothy Sack, Chris Schwirian

Research Advisory

Chair: Dr. Brian McCarthy, Associate Dean

Members: Hao Chen, Philip Ehrlich, Paul Jones Steve Patterson, Sarah Poggione, Alycia Stigall


Chair: Yeong-Hyun Kim

Members: Laurie Russell Hatch, Caryn Asleson, RandPy Price, Michael Burton, Keith Milam

Staffing Advisory

Chair: Dean Robert Frank

Members: Laurie Russell Hatch, Brian McCarthy, John Gilliom, April Ritchie, Carl Brune, Lynne Lancaster, Julie Owens, Ruth Palmer, Chester Pach, Harold Perkins, Morgan Vis

Departmental Social Media

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