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RHE Staffing Approvals

Routing Process for Staffing Approvals

From Regional Campus

  • Dean/Associate Dean on regional campus (RC) confers with RC faculty and Athens campus (AC) as needed.
  • Staffing approval form submitted, electronically signed, to relevant A&S department/ program designee with relevant attachments.

To Athens Campus

  • Review by designated individual or committee within two weeks, under normal circumstances; consultation as needed.
  • Routed to A&S Dean/Associate Dean for review within one week, with electronic signatures. Include explanation for any denial.
  • Electronically signed staffing form forwarded to RC Dean/Associate Dean. Add information to comprehensive RC database for GI, II, III, IV approval and denial list.

Back To Regional Campus

  • Receipt by RC Dean/Associate Dean.
  • Implementation or, if needed, request further information on a denial.
  • Follow up as requested for evaluation of those approved, to be shared with departments. Participate in mutual problem-solving as needed.