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2017 A&S Diversity Strategic Plan


The College of Arts & Sciences is committed to the inclusion of all racial, religious, and socioeconomic groups, as well as, traditional and non-traditional students, in the academic community of Athens and affiliated regional campuses. The college is devoted to providing a vibrant and transformative learning experience that supports all people in their quest for higher learning. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the mission of our college.


College leadership will promote, encourage, and communicate a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • Action: Communicate our commitment to diversity through our website and departmental communications.
  • Action: Ensure that all college policies, planning, and decision-making committees have diverse expertise represented.
  • Action: Underscore the role of diversity as a core value in all aspects of teaching, research, and service.


The college will work to actively attract, recruit, and retain a diverse faculty and staff.

  • Action: Draft position descriptions to attract a diverse pool of applicants.
  • Action: Provide departmental training that provides a heightened awareness to methods necessary for the attraction, recruitment, and retention of diverse faculty and staff.


We will increase our efforts at retaining a diverse body of undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Action: Expand outreach efforts to historically underrepresented groups.
  • Action: Support enrichment programs and outreach efforts to showcase the university to regional Appalachian communities.
  • Action: Enhance innovative retention practices for first generation undergraduate students, those of color, and from Appalachia.


The college will encourage all programs to provide a rich learning experience for students and faculty.

  • Action: Provide opportunities and encouragement for students to work with diverse cultures and in diverse environments that will ultimately foster their academic experience (e.g., international programs, internships, etc.) and prepare them for future leadership.
  • Action: Encourage student interest and engagement around global issues, cultures, politics, religion, and gender across the curriculum.


Arts & Sciences embraces, respects, and values the equality of all individuals.

  • Action: Explore ways to monitor and evaluate diversity and inclusion across the college (e.g., identify sources of data to set benchmarks and monitor progress).
  • Action: Encourage academic departments and programs to include diversity education throughout their curriculum as feasible.
  • Action: Encourage faculty and staff to participate in the Summer Institute for Diversity Education (SIDE).