What is a resume?

Your resume is your marketing tool. It provides a quick overview of the skills, knowledge and experience you have to "sell" to an employer. A resume summarizes your educational and employment experiences. It should be a concise, easy-to-read review of your qualifications. You should always customize each resume for every job posting. 

Resume Writing Handout

Resume Checklist - This checklist is used a guideline for Bobcat CareerLink reviewers during the approval process. Use the checklist to ensure your resume will be immediately approved on Bobcat CareerLink.

How to Write Your Cover Letter

The cover letter gives you the opportunity to draw an employer's attention to the skills and experience outlined in your resume. You can also expand upon information which matches the position for which you wish to be considered. The cover letter can highlight special achievements which might otherwise go overlooked. In summarizing your qualifications, highlight your most appropriate skills or background in relation to a particular position without simply reiterating the information on your resume.


For further information please consult the handout library and be sure to stop by the Career and Leadership Development Center during drop-in hours to have your resume and or cover letter critiqued.

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