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Job and Internship Search

Seek the ideal opportunities by identifying your professional priorities. Collaborate with a CLDC career coach to develop a strategic approach to finding the opportunity that enables you to fulfill your promise.

Job and Internship Search


Use CLDC Resources


Bobcat CareerLink

Bobcat CareerLink Connect with employers seeking Bobcats through online job and internship postings, on-campus interviews, career events, and more. Please review the CLDC Student Code of Conduct before engaging on Bobcat CareerLink. Be aware, you are responsible for referring to your individual college and the University Code of Conduct, as well.

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Mock Interviews

Enhance your interviewing skills through a CLDC mock interview. CLDC professional staff coach you through the process of practicing for the real thing, as well as evaluating and improving upon your performance.

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Prepare for the Fair

Magnify your professional prowess in preparation for the bi-annual Career & Internship Fair. Each semester, CLDC organizes a week of events designed to get you ready for the fair. From networking workshops to mock interviews with professional recruiters, we've got you covered to stand out and make an impression.

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On-Campus Recruiting

Mock Interviews

Interview with recruiters representing organizations from around the country. Employers with both full-time and internship opportunities visit campus to hire Bobcats. Take advantage of this chance to learn about an organization and let them learn about you. Interested in taking the next steps? Visit Bobcat CareerLink to see which organizations are taking part in On-Campus Recruiting.

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Career & Internship Fairs

Career & Internship Fairs Network with hundreds of employers right on Ohio University's, Athens campus at the bi-annual Career & Internship Fair. Employers representing a diverse array of industries travel from across the country to recruit Ohio University students and alumni. Connect with recruiters, explore industries, and practice your networking skills while seeking an internship or job. 

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Teacher Job Fair

Teacher Recruitment Consortium Network with schools and school districts from across the country right on Ohio University's, Athens campus. Connect with recruiters, explore opportunities, and practice your networking and interviewing skills all in one day. 

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Tools of the Job Searcher


Resumes and Cover Letters

Resume and Cover Letters Market yourself strategically through the development of professional documents that effectively communicate your unique value. Resumes are a sales brochure - just a quick snapshot of your professional experiences, as well as your concrete and transferable skills. The cover letter is the opportunity to draw connections from past experience to the opportunity you want now. Collaborate with a CLDC career coach to prepare top-notch materials. Check out our resume and cover letter checklists to get a head start on creating great materials.


Networking Ignite your professional network by building and maintaining genuine relationships with family, peers, professors, and colleagues. Networking is all about relationships - everyone you know is part of your network. Collaborate with a CLDC career coach to brainstorm how to utilize your current network to grow professionally and connect with people in your field.

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Interviewing and Mock Interviews

Interviewing and Mock Interviews Rise above the competition by selling your skills to your dream employer. Interviewing is the opportunity to demonstrate your cultural fit with an organization and to reinforce how your skills and experiences have prepared you for the opportunity. Enhance your interviewing skills through a 30 minute mock interview. CLDC professional staff coach you through the process of praciticing for the real thing, as well as evaluating and improving upon your performance. To practice independently, check out Interview Stream and use your OHIO email address to set up an account.

Job Offer and Salary Negotiation

Celebrate your hard work, because the job offers are rolling in! Now that you have a formal job offer the negotiation process begins. This is your opportunity to evaluate the salary offer, but also your start dates, benefits (insurance, 401K, stocks, etc.), time off, relocation compensation, training, and more. Collaborate with a CLDC career coach to fully evaluate the offer and prepare your counter offer.

CLDC Salary Negotiation Guide

CLDC Student Code of Conduct

Discuss Offers and Negotiation with a Coach








Avoid Job Scams

Anytime a company is seeking a monetary transaction, this should be a red flag that this is a scam. Never deposit checks sent from a company or give personal information, such as bank accounts, to a company during the interview process. Emails from companies that ask you for money or want you to deposit checks before doing any work are scams. 

If you receive a message similar to this, “We received your resume from your career services for a possible job placement. Please respond to this email if you are still job hunting or you are looking to earn additional income,” this could also be a scam. 

If you receive any emails or paperwork from a company that may not seem legitimate please forward the information to the  Career and Leadership Development Center.

To learn more, please refer to the World Privacy Forum's  resources for avoiding job scams.