Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Career and Leadership Development Center provide?

The Career and Leadership Development Center assists students with a variety of career development issues such as choosing a major that relates to their career interests, developing résumés and cover letters, practicing interview skills, conducting their job search or researching graduate schools. Please be sure to browse the student section of the website to learn more. All of our services are available to Ohio University alumni—no matter when they graduated!  


When should my student begin using the Career and Leadership Development Center?

It’s never too early for students to start thinking about, and planning for, their future career. In fact, it’s best to start early in the college experience so that students use their time at Ohio University to make wise decisions. Encourage your student to stop by or make an appointment to discuss how our office can best assist them. 


What if my student is unsure of what to do career wise?

From a career development perspective, it is important that students choose a major and future career based on their skills, values, interests. The Career and Leadership Development Center offers a variety of resources and assessments to help students learn more about themselves as well as possible career fields. It is important to remain supportive and patient with your student during this decision making stage. Encourage your student to visit the career exploration section of our website to learn more about these resources and make an appointment to discuss their options with a career coach. 


What should my student do if he/she is unsure of what to major in or if they thinking about changing their major?

Choosing a major is both exciting and stressful. It is not uncommon for students to question and be unsure as to whether or not they made the right choice.  Encourage your student to utilize our self-assessment, FOCUS, and to schedule an appointment with one of career coaches to explore major options. Publications in our Career Resource Center and/or online provide information for various majors and career paths associated with those majors. Also encourage your student to have similar conversations with their academic advisors. Advisors may refer students to faculty in different departments so the student can talk with experts in their fields. Faculty can help students become aware of different career paths with a specific major. 


Are internships really that important and how can my student go about finding one?

Internships can be defined as a work experience related to a student’s academic interests or professional goals.  Internships are a very important step in your student’s career development process, allowing them to apply their classroom experience to the real world as well as explore different work settings they may be qualified for upon graduation. Internships are also advantageous in the job search process as many employers seek out students who have completed an internship experience. Encourage your student to speak with their Academic Advisor to learn more about their programs internship resources. Internships are typically coordinated through the student’s academic department, however, if your student would like to make an appointment to discuss internship opportunities we would be happy to help. Students may log onto Bobcat CareerLink to find internship positions posted by employers hiring Ohio University students. 


What do employers look for in a candidate?

According to the 2013 NACE Job Outlook Survey employers base their candidate selection on a variety of topics. It is important to encourage your student to maintain a high grade point average, of at least a 3.0 as many employers screen candidates by their GPA. As mentioned above, internship experiences as well as work experience in general are also very important in the selection process. The top skills employers look for are leadership, problem-solving, written communication, teamwork, analytical, strong work ethic, verbal communication, and computer skills.  


How can my student find a job?

The Career and Leadership Development Center does assist students and alumni with their job search; however, Career and Leadership Development Center is only one component in a successful job search strategy! It is the responsibility of the student to conduct a multifaceted job search. Our office provides an online job search system that features résumé referrals, job postings and on-campus recruiting, Bobcat CareerLink. Encourage your student to take advantage of this service. Our office also sponsors three career events each year—the Fall Career and Internship Fair held in September, the Spring Career and Internship Fair held in February, and the Teacher Recruitment Consortium Fair in April. Employers sponsor Pre-Nights and Information sessions which provide an opportunity for students to network with recruiters and learn more about their organization(s). Encourage your student to visit the job search tools section of our website to learn more about the job search process. Be supportive by allowing them access to your personal and professional network and speaking with your student about their transferable skills and how they may apply to various careers. It is also important to encourage your student make an appointment with a career coach. What resources are available for students who are considering graduate school? The decision to attend graduate school should not be taken lightly. Suggest using our graduate school section on the website which provides general resources and advice on planning and applying for graduate school as well as speaking with faculty and current students in similar programs. 

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