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Career and Leadership Courses

Prepare for your future through a career or leadership course taught by CLDC professional staff.

The course variety enables you to find the best fit for your needs. CLDC instructors work with you in exploring career options, applying self-knowledge to career-related decisions, and researching opportunities that fit your interests and goals. Each course integrates a variety of reflective exercises and exploratory assignments ranging from building a top-notch LinkedIn page, to writing a stellar resume, or sharpening interviewing skills. Earn academic credit while taking action in your own professional development.

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Course Descriptions

Career Planning in the Liberal Arts

(CAS 1130) Career development involves more than choosing a major or occupation. Development consists of assessing interests, skills, values, and motivations, and understanding the necessary skills needed to succeed in the world of work. Students in this class will have the opportunity to develop a professional portfolio using LinkedIn, craft a customized resume and cover letter, research majors and careers related to those majors, and work with an employer to tackle a real-world challenge. This class is a great fit for first year students or any student interested in exploring where major and career paths lead.


Career Planning in the Liberal Arts

(Seven-week CAS 1130) Beginning week seven of both fall and spring semesters, this course offers an accelerated version of CAS 1130.


Special Topics in University College: The Leader in You

(UC 2900) During this course, students will interact through self, peer, and team activities while reflecting on leading theoretical leadership development models. Through this process, students' self-efficacy and knowledge of the field of leadership will expand as they become more aware of their personal leadership styles and their ability to practice through intentional individual and team experiences.


Principles and Techniques of Interviewing

(COMS 2040) Gain extensive experience persuading, giving and getting information, and preparing for job interviews. Students will explore communication situations and strategies encountered in organizational and professional environments. This highly interactive class features interviews, practice through role-playing, and real-life interviews in and out of class. This course is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


Career Strategies: Internship and Job Mapping

(CAS 2130) Targeted at sophomore students, this course will equip students with the tools necessary to plot their goals for gaining experience prior to graduation, to be as marketable as possible. This course facilitates the creation of formal employment documents and a professional development plan for completing an internship in a field of interest. Student will gain a clear understanding of resources for seeking internships, experience collaborating with a team to solve a real-world problem from an employer, and knowledge of how to be professional in a workplace setting.


Professional Career Search Strategies

(RFPD 3890) This class furthers the professional development of students in the Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development major. The course emphasizes career development in preparation for future work experiences and employment through resume and cover letter writing, development of interview skills, job search strategies, professional writing, discussion of current key topics within the retail and fashion industry, and a variety of other professional experiences. Past groups have completed innovative class projects including real-life case study presentations to Fortune 100 companies.


Interdisciplinary Thinking, Creativity, and Innovation: Preparing for the Next Step

Special Topics in Specialized Students

(SPST 4900) Students will explore career planning through discussions and activities related to professional development, branding, and developing an intentional plan to grow as lifelong learners following graduation. Assignments and activities in the course prepare students to be dynamic and thoughtful contributors to their workplaces or graduate schools post-graduation. This course is intended for upperclass students in the Bachelor of Specialized Studies program and is co-taught by University College and CLDC staff.


Career Strategies for Psychology Majors

Independent Study in Psychology

(PSY 4930) This course offers practical assignments that will help with navigating the job search process, including completion of at least one customized, professional application. Through this class, students will grow their professional network in a field of interest, develop interviewing skills, and refine their social media presence to leverage skills and experiences. This class is designed for senior Psychology majors preparing to enter the world of work.