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Brain Based Career Development (BBCD)

What is Brain Based Career Development?

Ohio University’s Career & Leadership Development Center (CLDC) developed Brain Based Career Development (BBCD), a career development theoretical model based on cutting edge neuropsychological best practices. BBCD is a model that practitioners can use to guide clients to take action and identify solutions to their career development problems. BBCD also gives clients ownership and ensures the career development process does not become overwhelming. BBCD is a new way to work with clients; a more strategic and effective way to facilitate client action and engagement. The model provides practitioners brand new strategies for how to think about and complete their day-to-day career development work with clients. BBCD helps clients more effectively navigate the career development process, which leads to more meaningful outcomes. Research in neuropsychology has highlighted limitations in the processing power of specific areas within the human brain. The prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for decision making and imagining the future, is easily overwhelmed. Decision making is negatively impacted when the brain is overloaded with information; imagining the future, something you have not experienced, also takes a lot of mental effort. People spend more time thinking of problems (what they have seen) than solutions (which they have never seen). Knowing that decision making gets difficult when the prefrontal cortex is exposed to too much information, especially with future based decisions, career development practitioners can be strategic about how they provide services and resources to clients. Embedding neuropsychological strategies in career development fosters the well-being of clients by being intentional and holistic throughout the client’s career development lifespan.


How does BBCD enhance career development?

“For most individuals, the career development process is inherently overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information and future-based thinking that goes along with making life altering decisions” (Jaunarajs, Pavol & Morgenstern, 2017). It is imperative for practitioners to understand the brain’s biological limits and its impact on career development. BBCD was created to help clients effectively navigate the career development process to achieve meaningful outcomes. Current theories and methodologies are not as effective because they fail to acknowledge how our brains impact career development. BBCD is the cutting-edge model for how to best engage clients in effective and meaningful career development.