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The Bobcat Network is a new and easy-to-use platform where alumni, students, faculty, and staff can engage in mentorship, networking, and professional development opportunities. Whether you are looking for the opportunity to network or something more in-depth and long-term, you can find it through the Bobcat Network. This inclusive and supportive environment is a place for students to seek guidance; for alumni, faculty, and staff to provide guidance and coach students in their professional development; and for all members to learn from and inspire one another in a professional setting. Complete your profile (use your OHIO ID if you are a student or faculty/staff) 

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Bobcat Mentorship Program: Spring 2021

Elevate your use of the Bobcat Network by joining the Bobcat Mentorship Program. The Bobcat Mentorship Program connects mentees and mentors through one-on-one matches to enhance their personal and professional development. Mentees will gain insight and advice as they consider their career options, reflect on their personal goals and begin establishing themselves as professionals. Mentors will stay connected and involved in the Bobcat community, contribute to the success of current Bobcats, alumni, and friends, as well as refine and expand individual leadership skills.

You will be matched with Bobcat students, alumni, friends and community in a one-on-one mentee-mentor relationship to provide quality development opportunities while deepening and sustaining relationships within our alumni community. It will be a rewarding experience that will provide support, encourage networking and provide opportunity to enhance practical aspect of skills, behaviors, and insight on what it means to be a professional

Program Commitment

This program is a 56-day (8 week) formal commitment from Monday February 22, 2021 to Friday April 16, 2021.

*As a part of this program, it is expected that you touch base with your mentor/mentee a minimum of 8 times (once weekly) throughout the duration of the program. You will be provided with an optional guide to use that includes weekly themes and prompts for discussion as well as action steps to take. Students will be automatically enrolled as mentees while alumni and friends of the university can choose to be mentors or mentees. As an alumni mentor, this means you may be asked to mentor a current student, a fellow alum or a friend of the university.

Applications are due February 5, 2021 for the spring 2021 mentorship cohort.

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For more information about the Bobcat Network or the Bobcat Mentorship Program, please contact Chloe Irish, Assistant Director of Mentorship Programming at irish@ohio.edu