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Student Philanthropy

Seniors 2013


Student Philanthropy

The 2013 Senior Class Campaign, sponsored by the Student Philanthropy Initiative, is about leaving a lasting legacy for your class at Ohio University.  As you transition from current students to young alumni, we trust that OHIO has provided you with an experience that has prepared you for a productive and meaningful life. In order to provide these same opportunities to future Bobcats, it is essential that we support our institution.


You have the ability to make an immediate impact with participation in the Senior Class Campaign.In celebration of your graduation year, we are asking members of the Class of 2013 to support The OHIO Parents and Family Endowment, or another area that is meaningful to you, directly benefitting current and future students.Every single student can make a difference.While one individual may not make a huge impact, the collective efforts of the Class of 2013 can.We hope that you will consider joining your peers in beginning a legacy of giving for the Class of 2013.

Why Should I Participate?

  • To make a difference for current and future students.
  • Any gift can have an immediate impact on campus. Last year gifts of $99 or less added up to over $750,000 of support for Ohio University students.
  • Your tuition only covers a portion of the cost that it takes to operate OHIO. The remaining amount comes from generous alumni, parents, students, and friends.
  • To honor your graduating class and the friendships you have made.Gifts can even be made in honor of a friend, classmate, or faculty/staff member.
  • To increase the value of your degree.
To recognize the positive educational and personal experiences you have had, and to ensure that OHIO can continue to provide these opportunities.

What Can I Support?

Student leadership has selected some key areas that directly benefit current students.Whether you choose to support one of these funds, or an area that is meaningful to you, know that you are making a difference on campus.
  • The OHIO Parents and Family Endowment – The OHIO Parents and Family Endowment was established by the parents of current Ohio University students to provide emergency financial assistance to those in need, fund student travel and programming, and support the Division of Student Affairs.
  • The Campus Life Fund – The Campus Life Fund is a broad based fund used to assist with campus activities, programs, and services that enhance the quality of campus life and are available to all students.The fund is intended to support campus programming, community service, and leadership programming.
  • Student Scholarships - Every college at OHIO has a general scholarship account that directly benefits students in your chosen area of study.
  • Other – If there is a program, club, or activity that has made your experience special its likely there is already a support fund in place. Please visit for more info.
We hope you will consider joining your classmates in this effort. Every gift, no matter the size, will ensure that future generations of OHIO students have the opportunity for an exceptional University experience.

Student Testimonial: Zach George

Zach GeorgePresently, I serve as the President of the Ohio University Student Senate. I was elected in 2012 to represent the students of Ohio University as well as the various constituencies and interests here on campus. As a student and fellow Bobcat, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here! I have made some great memories and best friends these past four years. I am proud to call OHIO my alma mater as we are an opportunity school that welcomes, fosters and develops individuals from all religions, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds and walks of life. We are a school that prides ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality. As students, we have gained so much more than just an education here at Ohio University, so it is imperative that we try to give just as much back.

Student Testimonial: Madisen Medley

Madisen MedleyI am currently the President of the Student Alumni Board for Ohio University. My mission is to establish and enhance connections between current students and alumni by creating programs and opportunities that encourage these relationships. Through my experience I have recognized the time and monetary donations that Alumni have given to this University in order to secure the success of future students. I have personally benefited from their generous contributions and I encourage seniors to donate not only to support our alma mater, but to reinforce the legacy that Ohio University has.

How to Give

Upcoming Events

Tag Day | March 11th 10am – 4pm
Baker University Center Join Student Senate and the Student Alumni Board to thank donors that have made your experiences at OHIO possible and learn more about the impact that private support has on campus.The event is informal and will be ongoing throughout the day, we hope you will stop by and visit one of the tables to learn more!


Jay Kahn
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

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