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The three-millimeter fruit fly is functionally similar to humans on a molecular level, making it useful for research in genetics and developmental biology.

Soichi Tanda, associate professor in biological sciences, uses the fruit fly, Drosophila Melanogaster, to better understand the maintenance to human blood cell levels. Tanda’s research aims to shed light on finding a cure for leukemia, a disease marked by an abnormal increase in the number of white blood cells circulating in the human body. Tanda was the Rush Elliot Professor of Biological Sciences from 2005-2010. The honor is given to a biological sciences faculty member in recognition of Elliot’s legacy for outstanding teaching and student advising. Tanda has received many accolades for his excellence in teaching, namely the 200 Ohio University Honors Tutorial College’s Distinguished Mentor Award and, in 2010, the CAS’s Transformative Teaching Award.

Soichi Tanda

Soichi Tanda

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