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Our Future Vision


CharlesRStuckeyJr Ohio University’s history is rich, woven with people—scientists and painters, engineers and journalists, citizens who make up the fabric of society in Ohio and around the world. It’s woven with inventive students, visionary faculty, engaged professionals, and talented alumni. And throughout, it’s woven with a storied tradition of charitable giving that strengthens the University in myriad ways. The role of higher education has never been more important. At this time of unprecedented economic challenge your support is needed more than ever.

What’s your promise to Ohio University?

The University invests in the fabric of society by engaging all of its resources to prepare students for meaningful employment and responsible citizenship in the 21st century. Now it’s time for you, in turn, to give back by investing in our University.

You can influence the future by supporting The Promise Lives Campaign so our students and faculty can continue to discover new ways of learning and uncover solutions to economic and social concerns. You can stand with the University as it focuses on supporting students, faculty, and facilities and prepares young people to lead global change. Your support will ensure that Ohio University drives the economic engine and improves the quality of life in southeastern Ohio and beyond.

You can help Ohio University lead the way as it strives to provide students of merit as well as students in need the opportunity to attend college. First-generation college students from Appalachia will stand with students with financial need from urban centers, and with other scholars from across the nation and around the world. Together, they will create, lead, and solve some of our world’s most pressing problems. You can support Ohio University’s faculty, the scholars whose legendary commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service will define the institution for generations to come.

Please join me in sharing this promise by making a gift of any amount in support of The Promise Lives Campaign. Our students and future generation of students deserve no less.

Charles R. Stuckey Jr., BSME ’66
Chair, The Promise Lives Campaign for Ohio University

Campaign Steering Committee

Charles Stuckey Jr.
BSME ’66
David Wolfort
AB ’74
Vice Chair
Laura Brege
AB and BBA ’78
C. Daniel DeLawder
BSEd ’71
Frank Krasovec
BBA ’65, MBA ’66
Sheila Rowan McHale
AB ’68
Steven Schoonover
BFA ’67
Dr. Jeffrey Stanley
DO ’82
Barbara Strom Thompson
AB ’76
Robert D. Walter
BSME ’67
The Promise Lives
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