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Campus Environment

The promise of OHIO is only as strong as our infrastructure.

Schoonover Center

Ohio University is in a unique, yet challenging, position. You could search coast to coast and never find a more beautiful learning environment than our Athens campus. The challenge, however, lies in preserving our past while providing contemporary facilities designed to inspire excellence. The perfect example of such an effort can be found in how the original Baker Center will be transformed into the new Schoonover Center for Communication.

Without question, our surroundings facilitate – and nurture – the promise of Ohio University. Facilities play a critical role not only in establishing the conditions for discovery and creative activity, but also encouraging the collaboration and interdisciplinary activities that are integral to our success.

Part of the plan to enrich the campus environment includes taking care of the spaces that house teaching and learning – Clippinger laboratories, Seigfred Hall art studios, and McCracken classrooms. The integrity of our academic programs is dependent on an environment conducive for cultivating knowledge.

You can enrich our environment by providing bricks and mortar to the renovations across campus. Name the nationally-ranked College of Business and allow the burgeoning school to expand its physical space. Build quality locker rooms for our athletes. Make the Kennedy Museum the premier art museum in the region by sponsoring the restoration of its historic structures.

When you invest in OHIO's campus, your investment lives for generations.

A goal of $100 million for an Enriched Campus Environment will support many important initiatives, including those listed here. ″ College of Business ″ College of Education ″ College of Fine Arts ″ Intercollegiate Athletics ″ Kennedy Museum of Art ″ College of Arts and Sciences Facilities ″ Schoonover Center for Communication ″ Science Laboratories
I still remember the day I moved into my dorm on the East Green freshman year and the colliding emotions of excitement and fear that filled me. Over time, this unfamiliar place became familiar. The trees, the college green and the beautiful brick buildings became a different type of home.

The Promise Lives
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